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Redline Assured Security

Quality Assured Security Training

Introducing Redline Assured Security, an Air Partner plc company...

Established in 2006, Redline Assured Security provides government-standard security solutions and training for aviation related companies, event security, corporate organisations and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) properties. We also conduct auditing and health monitoring in support of both public and private sector organisations.

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Compliance Management

Compliance management can range from a single aspect of a process or location within a terminal through to holistic (top down) compliance management of the entire security requirements of an organisation or operations across an entire country. 

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Security Services

 Whilst it is relatively easy to review airport security standards affecting your operation, it is more time consuming to review training standards, lesson plans, operational manuals and contingency procedures. Learn more about Redline's security services.

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Quality Assurance

 Redline can help you carry out your internal quality assurance programme. The team are experienced in conducting audits of recrutiment and training standards, security proceures, reviewing regulatory requirements and much more.

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 Redline are one of the ICAO's approved Aviation Securiy Training Centres. Who have the capacity to deliver a wide range of security training courses to clients all around the world. All of which are to ICAO, EU, TSA & UK standards 

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