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About us

Welcome to Air Partner

With Air Partner, it is all about the service and experience to you, our customers. 

We have more experience than any other private aviation company, and our success is a result of our dedication to providing high quality, tailored charter solutions to our customers. 

A history of innovation

We’ve always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible to improve our service, be that chartering an aircraft for groups, cargo or individuals.

After starting life as an advanced flying school for ex-servicemen, Air Partner was born when we leased a few aircraft for training. In the downtime, we offered the planes out for charter. Soon the chartering grew to be bigger than the training and our business took off. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate and strive to provide the most flexible and reliable service to our customers.  


Our rich history, unrivalled experience and financial stability have made us the first choice for heads of state, governments, Fortune 500 companies and individuals worldwide.

And you can always rest assured that your safety is our highest priority, and the standards we set for our Quality Management System far exceed FAA requirements and industry norms. 

So how can your next journey become part of our success story?

Our Team

The people who go the extra 24,902 miles for you

At Air Partner, we employ only the most experienced and determined people, and their unparalleled knowledge of aircraft, airports and customs ensure that every detail of your journey is expertly managed.

It is this expertise and commitment to building long-term relationships that has made us the global leader in private aviation with the world’s most prominent corporations, governments, and individuals.