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Emergency Planning

Peace of mind in times of crisis.

Whether it’s natural disaster, war, humanitarian aid or security issues, and wherever it occurs, contact Air Partner and you’ll know help is on its way. 

Air Partner has been the trusted aircraft broker for multi-national corporations for over 50 years. 

Our Emergency Planning Division are experts in planning, executing and managing air support and air evacuations worldwide. We are the only company providing specific air evacuation planning for any type of industry or organization. 

Governments, Energy companies, Construction firms, Banks, Manufacturers and Charities all
rest a little easier knowing we are part of their team..


We put our best people in

to get your best people out.

In these ever more turbulent times, duty of care to employees has become paramount.

In these ever more turbulent times, duty of care to employees has become paramount. Companies want contingency plans in place, because their first priority is to safeguard their people and they’ve seen how quickly a situation on the ground can change.

We provide contingency planning for air evacuations that will dovetail into your existing plans, or we will create stand-alone plans that can be implemented immediately by our 24/7 dedicated response team.

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Our Planning includes:

  • Airfields – main and contingency/alternative airports
  • Airport capabilities
  • En-route complexities such as clearances, political areas, avoidance areas and terrain issues
  • Destination airfields
  • Onward dispersal
  • Contingency planning

Dedicated phone support, consultancy and the opportunity to participate in evacuation exercises are all part of the service. This is all supported by a global network of offices.

If you require immediate assistance, please contact our global support team now +1 888 247 7278.

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Time critical, outsize, hazardous – however substantial or complex your cargo movement, we are on-hand 24/7 to find the best possible solution.


When you need to get people out quickly our aircraft charter team is ready to take your call.


With over 55 years of experience, we have seen numerous evacuations from all kinds of countries in our time.