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"Get Your Feet Wet" with a Limited-Time, 5-Hour JetCard

Air Partner Private Jets - 11 Jun 2015

Interested in a jet card, but not sure if it’s the right fit?  Air Partner USA is offering a unique 5-hour card for fliers who are considering membership. 

Through July 31, 2015, Air Partner USA is offering a 5-hour JetCard that allows private jet travelers to “get their feet wet” this summer and try out an Air Partner JetCard.   

Today’s private jet travelers are faced with an abundance of jet card solutions, and it can be a challenge to determine which program best suits your specific needs. The 5-hour JetCard allows you to experience all the benefits and flexibility of Air Partner membership without a long-term commitment or significant upfront purchase. 

Five-hour card members will enjoy all the usual perks of the program including:  


- All-inclusive rates and guaranteed availability at 12 hours’ notice
- Fully-refundable account balances and flight hours that never expire 
- Round-trip discounts of up to 25%
- No peak-day restrictions
- Four global services areas 

The Air Partner JetCard was recently named the “best priced….most flexible” jet membership for the second consecutive year by renowned aviation consultant Conklin & de Decker in their report, US Jet Memberships Compared.  The comprehensive Conklin & de Decker report compares the cost of a 25-hour jet card and highlights important flexibility aspects such as blackout dates, global service and fully refundable, non-expiring hours. 

For more information, contact our JetCard team.