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Behind the scenes of an AOG project at Air Partner

Air Partner Freight - 12 May 2019

When airline fleets are scheduled to their limits, an AOG (aircraft on ground) can be extremely disruptive to flight programs. Within minutes our aviation specialists can provide you with an AOG solution for urgent movement of small spares, large airframe components and power-plants components, engineering staff or flight crew. We offer you a dedicated team globally who are reliable and highly motivated to deal with your requirements – going above and beyond to ensure your cargo gets where it needs to be and on time.

Our global team followed Craig Could, one of our Team Leaders in our UK office to showcase how he deals with a cargo charter request and how quickly we can be there to support you.


Craig takes a call from an airline client. They have an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) with a broken windscreen in Sweden.

Our client has sourced the part in Munich, Germany and needs to get it to Sweden and replaced in the aircraft for a 18:00h departure. There are 6 hours until the deadline.  


Within 20 minutes of receiving the enquiry, Craig sends the full quotation for various options to the client. All of the groundwork is in motion and pre-alerts to the relevant handling and transport companies are in place.


Our client confirms the preferred planned option that were presented by Craig and authorized us to move forward with the project.

Craig uploads the contract for the agreed option to RED-TRACK, our easy to use online order confirmation and tracking tool, which gives visibility or transparency of every step on each order.


Our client accepts the contract electronically via RED-TRACK – no faxing or printing required.

Craig sets up a RED-TRACK notification list so the shipment updates throughout the transport will be sent to all people involved including those engineering staff waiting for the part and key operational staff at the airlines head office simultaneously.


Craig organized a vehicle and once the transport is confirmed, the truck is now dispatched to collect the spare windscreen from the outskirts of Munich and to deliver to the chartered aircraft waiting at Munich airport.


Craig updates all details and timings in RED-TRACK.


Our vehicle arrives at the departure airport and is fast tracked through cargo handling. The spare part is loaded on to the Cessna aircraft which has already refueled and is shortly afterwards, airborne and en-route to Sweden

Parking stand allocation in Stockholm is ascertained whilst the chartered aircraft is in the air.  So that the closest parking space to the stricken aircraft can be made available for us on arrival.


Our aircraft lands and the spare part is authorized to be delivered airside directly to the engineering team.


Only 5 hours and 20 min after the initial request, the windscreen is replaced in the client’s aircraft and it is signed off my maintenance and cleared for operation.


The aircraft departs Sweden as scheduled without delay.

Air Partner provides secure, time sensitive, door-to-door delivery of your aircraft parts to destinations worldwide 24/7 via cargo charter and OBC and with real-time tracking through our RED-TRACK system. We are always ready to get you back on track.

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