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Air Partner Private Jets - 05 Jun 2015

Renowned, independent aviation consultant Conklin & de Decker finds that the Air Partner JetCard has the advantage over alternative jet membership programs.

For the second consecutive year, independent aviation consultant Conklin & de Decker has found the Air Partner JetCard to be the "best priced....most flexible" jet membership when compared to alternative programs from Sentient Jet, Delta Private Jets, and Marquis Jet. 

The report, US Jet Memberships Compared, provides a comprehensive overview of the leading US jet card programs, and uses the cost of a 25-hour card and "effective hourly rates" based on round-trip discounts to compare pricing. It also highlights important flexibility aspects such as blackout dates, global service and fully refundable, non-expiring hours.

 In the pricing segment of the report, Conklin & de Decker illustrates how Air Partner's 25-hour JetCard beats the competition in price on all cabin categories,  but is even more cost effective when members apply Air Partner's industry-leading round-trip discount (up to 25%). Using this discount to generate "effective hourly rates," or the overall hourly rates when a traveler uses 50% of their card hours for round-trip travel, the report shows that Air Partner offers even greater savings.

In the portion of the report on flexibility, Conklin & de Decker assembled a qualitative comparison of each of the four US jet membership programs. Criteria covered 10 categories, including global coverage, expiring hours, interchange fees and refundable account balances. Air Partner was the only provider to offer fully refundable account balances, and the only provider to offer flight credit that never expires. Air Partner also led the way with the greatest round-trip discount and global coverage. 

Conklin & de Decker is a trusted, independent analyst with 30 years of experience in aviation information. The company offers cost and performance data comparison across a wide range of aircraft and helps consumers better understand the costs of aircraft acquisition, maintenance and management.

To request a copy of the complete, independent report, contact our Private Jets team