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Flying Pets by Private Jet

Air Partner - 10 Apr 2019

Flying your pet can be a stressful experience, for both the owner and animal. Private jet charter allows your pet to travel safely in a calm, controlled environment and have you by their side for reassurance. It’s a popular solution for those needing to transport pets from one place to another and wanting to minimize the disruption and the stress of the experience for the animal.

With over 55 years of experience, we are well versed in arranging private jet flights for your four-legged friends and our team can offer you all the expertise and information you need. We've highlighted the benefits of private travel for pets and answered the some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked by pet owners.

Can I fly with my pet on commercial airlines?

While some commercial airlines do accommodate pets, animals are usually required to fly in the hold – an unsettling experience for both pet and owner. Not only is this extended period of separation stressful for your pet, the safety of the animal is a concern.

While smaller pets and service animals may reap the benefits of being allowed to fly in the cabin on certain airlines, this not the case for all commercial airlines. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) "allows each airline to decide if they will allow you to travel with your pet in the passenger cabin". This means your pet's ability to fly with you in the cabin is ultimately at the discretion of the airline and you risk you and your furry friend being turned away at the boarding gate.

Is flying my pet safe?

Flying with your pet by private jet is a safe solution and will give you peace of mind. Having your pet in the cabin with you is a much safer option than them travelling in hold, where you can't asses or have any control over the environment. When flying privately, there are always rules in place to ensure safety – such as dogs being on a leash on the tarmac and having a harness on-board that can be attached to the seats' safety belts, should you experience any turbulence on your journey.

Can I fly with more than one pet?

Nowadays many more people are pet owners, and many pet owners have multiple pets. Amongst our top requests is taking multiple pets on a private jet charter. We've successfully organized dozens of private flights with pets, and our clients enjoy having their dogs or cats nearby during the flight. Recently, we handled a private jet flight from Hawaii to the mainland for a family of 9 - of which 8 were cats. Flying on board with their owner by their side, who was relocating, provided the perfect solution. With each cat comfortably situated in their spacious crates, placed neatly across the interior of their private jet, there was still plenty of room to walk around. The owner was able to feed and hold her cats throughout the flight's 6-hour duration as she wished.

Will my pet be pampered?

Large dog flying onboard private jetAnimals who fly privately particularly enjoy the additional freedom, and owners can relax knowing their pets are perfectly taken care of. We have a trio of dogs who fly privately quite regularly, all of whom enjoy being pampered as much as their owner. As we provide custom catering for our clients, this is naturally extended to our beloved pet passengers too. Simply ask your Account Manager to have your preferred pet food and water made available during the flight.


Whether going on a lengthy vacation, work or business trip, flying with the whole family for the holidays, or relocating, a private jet charter offers the perfect option to bring pets on board the flight. For our clients who require extra special accommodations for their pets, your designated Account Manager will make flying with pets the most seamless and enjoyable travel experience for all. 

Find out more on our flying with pets FAQ page.

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Commercial Travel with Pets

  • Not all airlines allow pets
  • Size and/or breed restrictions
  • Limitations on the number of pets (in cabin and cargo hold)
  • Airline pet embargoes affect seasonal travel (heat and cold)
  • International requirements
  • Extended periods of seperation from pets
  • Pets remain contained during entire flight, often in the hold

Private Travel with Pets

  • No size of breed restrictions
  • Fly multiple pets - we will recommend the right sized aircraft for the transportation of multiple pets
  • Animals fly comfortably in the cabin of the aircraft, during summer and winter
  • Pets can sit with their owners
  • Pets are allowed outside of their containers
  • Disruption and stress of travelling is minimized for both pet and owner