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Global Sport Events Travel via Private Charter

Air Partner - 27 Feb 2019

Our air charter team are experts at complex sports travel requirements for domestic and international flights. New and growing demands for private travel and group tours to worldwide sports events help us to recognize how we can continue to meet additional needs of our travelers and provide valuable, timesaving, and logistical solutions for your team.

Despite the competitive nature within the sports arena, much more can be said about the unifying element of bringing teams and fans together from all over the world for major sporting events. With Air Partner’s 58+ years of experience providing global air charter services, we have organized group flights for sports teams, private flights for athletes, executives or superfans, and managed trips for media, sponsors, and supporters.  

Here are a few aspects to your global sports air charter to consider when planning.

Meeting international & logistical travel requirements 

When moving teams or fans across seas or to match cities in foreign countries, there will always be unique logistical challenges. For the 2018 World Cup games, our team worked quickly to accommodate last-minute travel requests and handle all international permit requirements for flying 600 passengers from Mexico to Russia. From the early planning stages to the day of the actual trips, an account manager works closely with clients to plan every detail and is backed by a 24/7 customer support team. 

For larger groups, there are logistical advantages to arranging a private charter. Our team plans multi-charter itineraries according to your schedule and routes. Arriving to and departing from international airports nearest the sports venues or remote training locations saves time. Avoiding airport wait times due to lengthy check-ins, security or immigration checkpoints, or flight delays is a plus to private travel. For groups flying internationally, less time spent at airport customs is better spent for athletic training, event setup, and personal leisure or downtime.  

Traveling with sports equipment

traveling with sports equipment

With chartering a private aircraft, there are no additional charges for oversized or overweight items as often the case with regular commercial airlines which have greater restrictions and fees and few allowances for carry-on baggage and checked bags. When you’re traveling with a full team of athletic gear and sports equipment, you can simply ask an Account Manager arrange handling of oversize and overweight items with your aircraft charter. Ground transportation and delivery services can be arranged at the airport or FBO. Additionally, we also provide air cargo services and can work in unison with our Freight division to handle the delivery of sponsor materials and items for sports events.


Improving the onboard experience

Based on the number of passengers and other specifications, select seating configurations may be available dependent on the aircraft. A Boeing 767-300ER, as used by the New England Patriots, can be configuredas 24 first-class seats with 180 coach seats or 100 first-class seats.  

Having your own jet eliminates any nuisances of flying via a regular commercial flight. For athletes, long haul flight time is ample opportunity to properly rest in a quiet cabin. Athletes may even enjoy extra leg room, lie flat seats, and custom catering according to their dietary requirements. More control over the atmosphere adds greater value to the time spent during flight, where executives can meet in confidence and coaches can go over their next game plan. 


Increasing brand exposure

On the sports field, every single moment is a chance to win. We’ve seen an increase for teams and sponsors wishing to create greater brand exposure, and we also understand realizing memorable moments is especially important off-the-field and between games. Our ServicePlus program provides the ability to fully customize aircraft with exterior branding and interior modifications, so your brand will be visible from the airport runway and throughout the sky. Having the team’s logo appear on branded headrests and throughout the cabin can appear neatly within viral videos and group selfies of your team flying to their next destination. Whether you wish to create unique on-board experiences, special events for arrivals or departures, or exclusive VIP arrangements, your account manager can make specific arrangements possible with your chartered aircraft.  

Long term travel solutions

When establishing a long-term air charter program for athletic divisions, sports teams, sponsors and media/press, we work closely with travel procurement managers to properly identify any stringent travel requirements. Whether needing to arrange regularly scheduled corporate air shuttles, fly groups to multiple destinations, add more passengers to the roster or switch destinations, any adjustment to your group’s itinerary is possible. For added convenience, using our online booking tool also enables flight management across your organization. You can always rely on team 24/7 to be responsive to all your group’s travel needs.  


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