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Incentive Travel Exactly How You Imagined

Air Partner Commercial Jets - 22 Aug 2019

As incentive travel is geared to motivate, reward and inspire employees or group members, all the details of the experience become especially important to deliver a memorable journey. A privately chartered flight remains a superior way for companies and brands to get an entire group to exciting destinations and in great spirits.

Companies and brands wishing to recognize their employees for performance or show gratitude to loyal customers know just how well-orchestrated the experience needs to be in order to leave a lasting impression. With incentive travel typically tying into a full program of activities and events, having a privately chartered aircraft allows greater flexibility for complex schedule requirements. With over 55 years of experience in private aviation and working across the MICE industry, at Air Partner, we find flights designed for incentives among the most fascinating types of travel experiences and as they say, a little imagination goes a long way.


With your dedicated Air Partner Account Manager handling all your flight details, we are able to provide the necessary support throughout the booking process, arranging the particulars for travel through to the actual day of your group’s flights. As well, we help you to integrate the flight into your incentive program as seamlessly as possible and as you ultimately see it.


VIP Lounge Airport - Group Air Charter OptionsPerhaps your group wishes for that dream getaway that one only sees in movies… A personalized private charter to the Hawaiian islands for fun and adventure, with a tiki bar at a private terminal, personalized small bites and an illuminated ice sculpture in the shape of a pineapple all within the VIP lounge. Followed by a short and quick check-in and security checks leaves more time for the group to enjoy their time together.  As guests are about to board they are greeted with vibrant leis made from natural flowers which match the onboard headrests. This is a reality for many of our clients. And it doesn’t stop here…


Branded Airplane Headrests - Group Air Charter CustomizationWhichever airliner you charter, guests can enjoy your choice of music being greeted by formally dressed flight attendants who assist with any hand luggage. Every passenger could find a beautifully wrapped gift at their seat with their name calligraphed on the headrest covers directly facing them. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres could be served to each guest on monogrammed black napkins just before a special in-flight speech from the company president via the plane’s cabin audio system. Personalized catering from a gourmet menu, finished by a dessert and espresso pairing, is sure to keep everyone satisfied.


Aircraft Charter Customizations for Large Groups SmallYou have the flexibility to bring your incentive trip alive – there is no request too big or small, and our team is constantly finding new ways to make your ideas a reality. Unveiling a new logo for your brand? You have the option to go big by displaying your brand on the side of the jet and throughout the custom configured plane interior. Or perhaps arrange for individualized VR headsets on board to really create an immersive presentation during the flight. Inviting the press or special guests? Have your very own credential system so that being on board will feel ultra-exclusive. Once your plane has arrived, ground transportation takes everyone to their five-star resort destination, and your baggage service delivers bags to every room.



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