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Top 3 private jets for business travel

Air Partner Private Jets - 10 Sep 2018

While our experienced Account Managers will advise you on the right aircraft for your business travel, we have noticed that these three private jets are particularly popular with business flights. Ranging from light to large jets, they all have their different benefits. Whether you are flying to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, or Miami, or to other business hubs, these are ideal choices for private jet business flights within the United States.

Challenger 350

Range  6.5 – 7 hours

Cabin length 25ft

Passengers 8 - 10

Baggage 10 medium sized cases

With ample space for 10 passengers (or a maximum of 8 seats), Bombardier Challenger 350 is a top super midsize jet for business charter. The Challenger 350 improves the private jet experience from its predecessor the Challger 300. With its canted winglets, it maintains greater speeds regardless of being heavier. With much above average interior space, this full range jet provides great value when compared to higher end midsize jets and is a top performer amongst the super mids. As well, while flying privately from coast to coast, you'll be able to get to your bags during flight with baggage compartment access.

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Citation Jet 2

Range 3 hours

Cabin length 17ft

Passengers 6

Baggage 6 medium sized cases

A compact but comfortable jet, the Citation Jet 2 is ideal for day return trips or short city hops with 4 to 6 people. It has excellent take-off and landing performance and able to use the shortest of runways. The seats are laid out in a club arrangement and has storage space at the front of the cabin, allowing for light refreshments and cold catering inflight. The essence of the Citation Jet 2 is summed up in simplicity, economy and performance and it is excellent in terms of fuel efficiency.

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Citation XLS

Range 3.5 – 4 hours

Cabin length 18ft

Passengers 7 - 8

Baggage 8 medium sized cases

With ample space for 6 passengers (or a maximum of 8 seats), Cessna's Citation XLS is consistently one of the most popular choices for business charter. Cessna Citation is one of the best-selling range of business jets of all time and the XLS (updated from the Excel) flies both farther and faster. It also performs well on short runways, making it ideal for accessing some of the smaller private airports such as Teterboro or Van Nuys. In terms of the on-board experience, it's a quiet cabin that features a triple-sealed entry door and triple-pane windows. It has a generous baggage capacity and the indirect LED lighting makes the cabin feel light and roomy.

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