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Corporate Shuttles

The Advantages of our Corporate Flight Program

For companies and corporations with business travel needs for employees and executives, our tailored program offers custom transport solutions with air shuttles, VIP group flight arrangements and aviation consultancy. Here are the top reasons Air Partner is best suited for your business.

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Time-saving group travel solutions

As seen with our clients which range across industries, from Finance to Tech to Oil & Gas, corporate shuttle flights are ideal for 20 to 40 passengers. The corporate shuttle service typically uses 30 to 50 seat aircraft. However, if a larger group is traveling, our team can easily arrange larger aircraft to meet any passenger requirements. With chartered flights, travellers can board their aircraft quicker, avoiding extended security check points and airport wait times. Many companies find that saving time on travel improves overall productivity.

Greater accessibility

Having a Corporate Air Shuttle Program account with Air Partner allows the convenience of booking corporate aircraft and frequently flown routes, access to airports where commercial airlines are not allowed or can not fly during certain hours and days. With access to more airport hubs, companies enjoy flying out of a fixed-based operator (FBO) or private terminals. For some large groups, ground transportation arrangements and baggage handling services smoothens the overall experience.

Expert customization

With over 58 years of experience chartering aircraft, across every industry, our aviation experts are able to uphold strict flight procurement requirements, including corporate specifications and travel policies. We handle every aspect of the flights, from aircraft customizations, complex travel logistics and on board preferences. On-board custom catering can be personalized according to the group's tastes and dietary preferences. VIP arrangements, as requested.

Flexible scheduling

Rather than scheduling multiple flights for groups of employees to meet in one single destination, corporate air shuttle clients have the benefit of scheduling round trips on smaller and larger aircrafts that accommodate groups’ personal and business schedules. When companies need to get between spoke cities, access airports without regularly scheduled service or fly internationally, a charter can prove to be a valuable, time-saving solution.

Complex itineraries

Being able to book multi-city itineraries is a key benefit for groups. We have found that companies who benefit the most from our program require:

 • Round-trip flights for groups on a regular basis

 • To and from multiple cities and then returning to origin

 • Travel between cities without regularly scheduled service

 • Peak season flights and during times with travel disruption and delays

 • Domestic, international and offshore flight arrangements

 • Accessing hard-to-reach or remote destinations

Added convenience and manageability

With our program, a dedicated account manager will oversee the handling of all details surrounding your flights. Air Partner’s dedicated service team can set up a unique booking tool for corporations that enables their executives to customize their organizations air travel requirements themselves. With functionalities designed to handle the requirements of organizations of any size, the tool’s interface gives corporations the ability to set up individualized logins and view all relevant flight data, as well as make last minute changes such as adding passengers to the itinerary.

Global network

Our team of over 200 in-house aviation experts have extensive knowledge and expertise. We have a global presence with 17 offices across the world. Our United States offices are located in Fort Lauderdale, New York, Washington D.C., Houston and Los Angeles.

Trusted financial stability

We’ve spent nearly six decades providing air charter solutions that improve the way companies around the world travel. Our financial strength and stability have made Air Partner the first choice for heads of state, governments, Fortune 500 companies and private individuals worldwide. We are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:AIR).

Full scope of services

For businesses that require other air charter services, we offer full capabilities across all of our air charter service areas, including Group Charter, Private Jets, Freight and Remarketing. Our team of experts work together to provide top-notch solutions with a seamless experience to support your requirements. Additionally, our Safety & Security division is comprised of Baines Simmons and Redline Assured Security. Baines Simmons offers Aviation Safety Management, Fatigue Risk Management, Air Traffic Services, Wildlife Hazard Management and Aircraft Registry Services. Redline Assured Security delivers government-standard security training and solutions.

With our flight program, companies and large corporations ultimately have more control over travel time and experience.

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