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Cargo aircraft charter to deliver essential supplies & freight with sensitive timelines and special requirements.

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In the medical and healthcare field, the logistics for equipment and supplies can typically be of a critical and time-sensitive nature. With over 55 years of experience, the Air Partner Freight division is experienced with delivering urgent cargo around the world and meeting any specific requirements. Our experts work at the highest standards for handling across every sector, and adhere to all guidelines for Pharma and Healthcare or Dangerous Goods (HAZMAT) regulations.

With a global network and a 24/7 support team, we help our clients find the best solutions to transport supplies and materials via air cargo charter. We handle advanced arrangements for frequent transport as well as urgent one-time cargo deliveries to and from any destination. Our cargo specialists handle all types of freight arrangements – from hospital equipment, medical supplies, medicines and pharmaceutical products, chemical disinfectants, and portable structures for hospitals and laboratories.

Additionally, we have worked countless times delivering cargo for medical emergencies and critical aid & relief missions when air charter is usually the quickest option (or only) for delivering vital goods and saving lives to areas impacted by natural disasters or crisis and/or have difficult access.

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Medical | Healthcare | Pharmaceutical | Chemical | Biotechnology


Types of Cargo Arrangements

Medical Supplies
Hospital Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment
Portable Strutures
Relief Aid

Temperature Controlled
Biological Substances
Live Specimen
Clinical Samples
Dangerous Goods

Case Studies

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COVID-19 Outbreak

Air Partner transported essential cargo for businesses and hospitals amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in various global destinations

Cargo included:

hand sanitizer, chemical sterilizing agent, hospital beds, sanitized rooms, face masks, PPE

Recommended aircraft:

Boeing 747F, Boeing 777F, AN-12

Ebola Crisis

Air Partner chartered a variety of heavy lift aircraft to transport vital supplies during the Ebola Crisis of 2014

Cargo included:

medical equipment, personal protective equipment, ambulances and vehicles, generators, sleeping pads

Recommended aircraft:

AN12 , Boeing 747

International Outsized Cargo

Air Partner chartered an AN124 aircraft to transport a private health center with modula parts in a single flight from Morocco to Turkey

Cargo included:

44 ton portable hospital

Recommended aircraft:


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Keeping your Supply Chains running during COVID-19

Solutions for the Changing Global Market

Our experienced team, with the backing of our range of world-leading aviation services, will work closely with you during this time to offer you the best solution.

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