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Heavy & Outsize

The carriage of your heavy freight and outsized cargo requires detailed forward planning.

We understand that the carriage of your heavy freight and outsized cargo requires specialist expertise and detailed forward planning. Which is why our experienced air cargo charter specialists are supported by a background on load planning and a wide knowledge.

We are experts when it comes to aircraft’s capabilities, costing structures, operational characteristics and worldwide availabilities for the shipping of heavy cargo. Working closely with your shipping experts, we aim to provide the charter services that match your specific needs. Our specialists assess the requirement, identify the most suitable airfields to minimise outsize convoys, secure handling equipment and match the best aircraft for your budget.


Valves, pumps, machinery in general, military cargo, etc.

Our experience:

Air Partner has flown a gigantic mechanical Horse Dragon to Beijing.  Long Ma Jing Shen or ‘The Spirit of the Horse Dragon’ participated in a parade to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China. The unique 12 metre high, 46 tonne mechanical model was built in France.

Recommended aircraft:

IL76, AN124, AN225 – which all have ramp loading capability plus an internal wing system and can carry big and heavy loads

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