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Animals & Livestock

We are providing safe and secure cargo flight solutions for all breeds of livestock.

Whether your requirement is to fly one-day-old chicks to farms, exotic animals for a zoo or horses to a race our livestock transport specialists provide carefully planned cargo charter solutions all in line with IATA regulations. We of course also provide loading equipment and stocking guidance.


One-day-old chicks, horses, livestock and zoo animals


Air Partner flew horses from France to Japan. The aircraft flew from Brest because it was the closest airport to the breeding stables, which meant a stress less for the horses. To make this possible we had to bring over suitable loading equipment to Brest. At Brest the horses were secured in IATA stalls for a safe journey to Japan.

Recommended aircraft:

ATR 72, Saab 340, B747F good airflow in the cargo hold and pressurized aircraft

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Air Partner's RED-TRACK technology is a unique and innovative tracking system and provides valuable real-time in-transit visibility by updating you and your contacts via SMS, email and/or online-diary.