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Oil & Gas cargo

Air Partner understands the uniquely challenging freight demands of the oil and gas industries.

We have been providing tailored oil and gas freight services to some of the biggest names in the oil business since many years and in some of the most challenging locations. Whether the cargo in question is oversized, hazardous or highly urgent, and wherever you need it to be, you can depend on Air Partner to provide the most suitable and cost-effective cargo charter solutions every time.

When every minute counts, make one call to our 24-hour broker team and we will provide you with the fastest, most efficient and effective way to keep your production going.

When your equipment has to be there without delay, hassle, unnecessary cost or excuses, then talk to Air Partner Freight.


Pumps, pipes, spare parts, etc.

Our experience:

One massive shipment was 23m long pipes from Houston to Korea with a payload of 45 tons. The obstacles were the length and weight which required a center loading position on a B747 aircraft.

Recommended aircraft:

Private Jet or AN12, B747F nose loader or IL76 which are a perfect match for the outsize nature of oil & gas equipment

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