Air Partner Shares Flight Itineraries that Promise to Put the Sizzle in Summer

Air Partner Private Jet - 21 Jun 2018

With summer season upon us, Air Partner has shared its list of the top summer travel itineraries throughout the U.S. The list covers all corners of the U.S. during the most popular time of year for leisure travel, and with access to luxe jets, 24/7 global support services, exceptional high-end catering, and spacious cabin space, an unforgettable summer vacation has never been easier…or more luxurious.

Travelers en route to a quick weekend getaway can choose a popular light jet, a Cessna CJ2. For long-distance routes, passengers may prefer to move freely about a spacious, quiet cabin of a Falcon 2000, which boasts an ample baggage bay that is fully accessible during flight. The Hawker 800XP is a popular and updated mid-size private jet with standing headroom, a separate forward galley and a rear bathroom. Travelers booking a summer flight with Air Partner can choose from an unlimited list of getaway options, near and far. Air Partner’s summer 2018 travel itineraries and jet recommendations include:



  • Los Angeles, CA to Maui, HI
    • Super mid or heavy jet
  • Miami, FL to Hamptons, NY
    • Light jet, Midsize jet, Super midsize jet or heavy jet
  • Los Angeles, CA to Bar Harbor, ME
    • Midsize jet, super midsize jet or heavy jet
  • New York City, NY to Martha’s Vineyard, MA
    • Light jet or midsize jet
  • San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL
    • Midsize jet or super midsize jet
  • Dallas, TX to Hilton Head, SC
    • Midsize jet or supermidsize jet


“With Air Partner, travelers have access to an array of vacation spots ranging from secluded beach destinations to cities that never sleep, with more ease and comfort than ever before,” said David McCown, president of Air Partner U.S. “With access to private terminals and smaller airports that scheduled flights can’t get to, we can take our clients almost anywhere they want to go, and our experienced team ensures guests are in vacation mode before they board the plane. Absolute escapism guaranteed.”

With access to the latest aircraft models and ten times as many airports as scheduled service, Air Partner can arrange private jet travel in as little as a few hours’ notice. In fact, with Air Partner’s JetCard, members enjoy guaranteed availability with a mere 12 hours’ notice, offering unprecedented flexibility in the private jet space. JetCard members also enjoy fixed hourly rates, flight credits that never expire, guaranteed flight availability, no hidden fees, and round-trip discounts of 20 percent on qualifying trips. Pricing includes aircraft, crew, landing fees, fuel surcharges, taxes and catering.

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