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Air Partner Sponsors 2017 Player Care Conference on 11 October in London

Air Partner - 11 Oct 2017

Air Partner, the global aviation services group, is delighted to be sponsoring the 2017 Player Care Conference, which is being held by The Premier Sports Network on 11 October at The Dorchester Hotel in London. The year’s first Player Care Conference, which focused on the UK sports industry, took place in Manchester in May, and was also sponsored by Air Partner.

The Premier Sports Network hosts a series of invite-only events for key stakeholders from clubs, federations and leading service providers. Each event has a different theme and offers attendees the opportunity to network and share best practice to overcome daily challenges. The Player Care events were created to bring together like-minded individuals to discuss the important subject of player welfare.

The Premier Sports Network has a number of partners, including Air Partner, who are specialists in their respective sectors and can offer support and advice to ensure that player’s interests are ring fenced. Air Partner has organised flights for sports teams for over 50 years and has extensive experience in meeting the unique demands of the industry to ensure players arrive at every match in peak physical and mental condition. This summer alone, Air Partner’s European offices have operated 79 football-related flights, flying over 5000 passengers more than 90,000 miles to 21 different countries. 

Commenting on the upcoming conference, Clive Chalmers, Trading Director at Air Partner, said: “Elite athletes travel extensively, to all four corners of the globe, and it’s extremely important that they are kept safe, fit and healthy while in transit. Having worked with sports teams for several decades, at Air Partner we know that getting the right nutrition and staying hydrated plays a key role in optimising any athlete’s performance and we work closely to ensure that this is in place on board the aircraft. As soon as a charter is booked with us, we work with the club and often speak with the team’s nutritionist to discuss their specific catering requirements and source products and brands in line with their diets.”

Air Partner’s Commercial Jets division organises bespoke charters and aviation solutions for groups of every size on airliners seating 20 or more passengers. Clients include the sports sector, conference and incentive industry, Oil & Gas, tour and cruise operators, international conglomerates, governments, and humanitarian aid organisations. Private charters are used for a wide variety of reasons such as product launches, country evacuations, global sporting events, troop movements, crew rotations, emergency replacements and package holiday travel.