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Air Partner - 10 Oct 2017

Air Partner JetCard Offers Credits That Never Expire, Charter Services and Fully Inclusive Fixed Hourly Rates

Air Partner, the global leader in private aviation, today announced that Conklin & de Decker has ranked its JetCard the #1 most flexible membership program for the fourth consecutive year. Conklin & de Decker evaluated the membership programs of Air Partner, Wheels Up, Delta Private Jets and Sentient Jet before rating Air Partner’s the best in the business. 

“Our JetCard program has been ranked the best, most flexible and affordable private jet membership program by Conklin & de Decker’s study for many years, and it’s a privilege to be at the top once again,” said David McCown, president of Air Partner U.S.  “As a company that has been in business for more than 50 years, 20 of which are in the United States, we are dedicated to reinventing our offerings on a consistent basis, bringing our members the very best VIP experience possible. The results of this year’s Conklin & de Decker study confirm that our JetCard continues to exceed industry and traveler standards.”

Air Partner’s JetCard’s funds are fully refundable and the membership card can be used for charter services – ranging from turboprops to global business jets – as well as a variation of flights around the globe.  The funds can either be purchased by the hour or by placing funds on a personal account, which sets the JetCard apart from competitors. In addition, the JetCard program carries no peak day restrictions.

JetCard members enjoy fixed and fully inclusive hourly rates.  Of the companies evaluated in the study, Air Partner’s JetCard is the only program with flight credits that never expire, round trip discounts and global coverage.  JetCard members are also guaranteed flight availability and are given round-trip discounts of up to 20% on qualifying trips.   

“Conklin & de Decker selected ten characteristics to compare each of the five private jet membership programs in the study and determined Air Partner’s JetCard to be the most flexible in the U.S.,” said David Wyndham, president of Conklin & de Decker. “We thoroughly researched each company and are impressed with just how far private jet memberships have come in such a short period of time. The standard in the private aviation space continues to grow and the future remains bright for an industry built on luxury and convenience.”

Air Partner offers two convenient membership types – JetCard and JetCard Sterling – so that frequent fliers can tailor a program perfectly to their needs.  Easy and simple to use, members choose their cabin size and flight hours and fixed hourly rates will automatically debit from their account balance. New to the JetCard this year, Air Partner’s updated menus provide breakfast, lunch and dinner options catered to a variety of culinary preferences.

Air Partner’s global expertise and experience, innovative solutions and financial stability have continuously made them the first choice for Fortune 500 companies, governments and private individuals. With the JetCard, clients from every industry are able to count on flexibility, time-savings and cost predictability, while maintaining the privacy and comfort of private air travel.

For further information, please visit www.airpartner.comFor more information on the JetCard program, or to apply, visit  Follow Air Partner Instagram / Twitter @airpartnerusa and Facebook @airpartnerplc.

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