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Tie the knot with Air Partner to experience the ultimate family wedding

Air Partner - 02 May 2018

Going down the aisle in luxury with family and friends by private group charter.

More and more couples looking to marry or celebrate special occasions in luxury are taking planning to the extreme, flying their entire wedding party, family and friends to the destination by group charter, according to aviation experts. Air Partner, the global leader in private aviation and group charter, says the trend has really taken off. Over the last two years alone, the company’s high-profile and high-end destination wedding bookings have soared by approximately 20 percent. The increase is fueled, in part, by affluent couples looking to splurge on the ‘ultimate wedding’ and celebrating abroad – accompanied by family and close friends.

This trend encourages celebrations to kick-off before arriving to the destination, thanks to private charter access to smaller and more convenient local airports. By using private terminals with reserved parking and convenient check-in, wedding parties can speed through security and walk directly onto a chartered aircraft. By flying together in a larger group, private flyers also enjoy a much higher level of service and personalization.

“More couples than ever are choosing to get married and celebrate major landmarks by flying with friends and extended families,” said Julia Timms, chief marketing officer of Air Partner. “We have seen group bookings soar by approximately 20 percent over the past two years, as couples have chosen to charter flights, so that they can experience the ultimate destination wedding and celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion in true luxury with family and friends.”

The private aviation company ensures that every moment leading up to a couple’s wedding and special celebration is a memorable one without any stress or hassle, even before the flight. Air Partner can help couples start a special day by preparing check-in at home. From there, couples can enjoy exclusive lounge access at a private jet terminal with friends and relatives before the flight.

“Our expert planners have access to a host of group charters around the globe and decades of extensive experience in planning travel for major festivities and luxury weddings,” said David McCown, president of Air Partner U.S. “No group is too big, and no detail is too small. Air Partner brings the magic of flying with friends and family to every occasion and provides an unbeatable one-stop service for flights and transfers.”

With Air Partner, getting to the destination is part of the fun, as the company goes above and beyond to create a party in the sky for wedding groups. This includes personalizing entire aircraft cabins to match a couple’s wedding colors, dressing cabin crew in special designer uniforms, providing expert chefs to serve five-star à la carte dining options, pouring a couple’s favorite wine and champagne, producing special personalized menus, customizing in-flight entertainment systems with favorite films and TV shows, and even monogramming seat head rests. Earlier this year, guests on a chartered flight from London to Nice enjoyed flying in a sunflower-themed cabin and received gifts of local honey and sunflower seeds from the region of the wedding destination, to remind those onboard of the special French wedding.

Another recent flight took a couple’s entire extended family in a single aircraft to enjoy a magical weekend wedding in Marrakech. Air Partner arranged scheduled flights for family groups to rendezvous at one location and then all fly together to Morocco for the big day. Guests were served the couple’s favorite Moroccan-themed dishes as part of the customized in-flight menu, along with the couple’s favorite champagne.

And what could be better than a surprise destination? Air Partner recently transported 50 friends and family members to a couple’s ten-year wedding anniversary party…without those onboard even knowing where they were headed. 

Air Partner’s dedicated account management team has the expertise to offer a tailored, stress-free luxury wedding or special celebration experience, with maximum luggage space, personalized cabin service, door-to-door transport and the best hotels as part of the same seamless service.