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3 unforgettable experiences

We have partnered with Based On A True Story to provide you with some inspiration for your next destination. While these destinations are ideal for when the summer draws to a close, they are just ideas - Based On A True Story specialize in creating completely unique propositions curated entirely around your wishes, interests and preferences. Offering far more than a ‘travel agency’, they haven’t repeated a single experience since their first project 10 years ago, and never will.

Pure Adventure in Iceland


Magical. Austere. Surreal. Adventure is Iceland's strong suit.

Feel like you've accidentally landed on the moon? You won't be the first. Iceland's sapphire glaciers, volcanic geysers, and geothermal mud pools make for a unique and starkly beautiful lunar wilderness. Coupled with its eccentric population and legendary nightlife, tiny Iceland is a truly captivating land.

What to do in Iceland when you've arrived by private jet

Get a new perspective on the largest glaciers in the Northern Hemisphere by helicopter; descend deep into the huge cave system under the rugged surface; cruise in glacial lagoons; ice-hike, or traverse glaciers and volcanoes on snowmobiles; explore the vast lava fields with 4x4s and quad bikes; relax in geothermal lagoons and waterfalls; quiz the locals on their beliefs in elves and folklore; experience unique snorkeling and diving in geothermal fissures; marvel at 100ft tall spouting geysers and mud pots; ride Iceland's world-famous horses across dramatic deserted peninsulas; fish for sea trout and river salmon; whale watch from a private boat; stay up late with the summer sun in Reykjavik; sample petrified shark, raw puffin, and other local delicacies in the best restaurants.

Stay in luxury renovated farmhouses in the mountains, or on lake-shores; slick private apartments and chic boutique hotels in Reykjavik; palatial private villas.

The best time to go is during the European summer, April through to October. Or in the winter, when Iceland becomes an ice land and the dramatic northern lights dominate the skyline.

Nearest airport: Reykjavik
Recommended private jet: Global 6000

Far Flung Paradise in the Seychelles


If you're planning a honeymoon or simply need to escape to paradise for a while then perhaps it's time to fly to the Seychelles.

Verdant. Flawless. Unhurried. A tropical, utopian honeymoon haven.

Iconic sculpted boulders pepper the coral islands along the lush Seychelles archipelago, dropped in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and the Equator. Its much-vaunted postcard beaches somewhat taking the onus away from the rich marine life, lush forests, exquisite birds, and lumbering giant tortoises that set the tone on land. Life is laid back, lilting but luxurious on these perfectly polished and pristine islands.

What to do in the Seychelles when you've arrived by private jet

Test your metal with adrenaline-fueled water sports, then kick back and enjoy the pure tranquility with your toes in the sand; take a helicopter (and your best lenses) to the beautiful beaches at La Digue; cycle to a secret location for a privately catered barbecue lunch on a secluded beach; visit Praslin's Vallée de Mai and learn all about the exotic Coco de Mer; cruise the spectacular, remote, low-lying coral outer islands on a private yacht; explore legendary Aldabra, where 100,000 giant tortoises roam an uninhabited atoll; dine at candle-lit tables on empty beaches under the palms; fish and then barbeque your catch on your yacht; explore the quaint capital of Victoria and visit the home of the Seychelles' most famous artist.

Magnificent thatched chalets on barefoot private-island sanctuaries and exquisitely serviced private villas.

Anytime is a good time in the Seychelles, but the shoulder season months (April, May, October and November) are perhaps the better times. Consider the Seychelles as a finale to an all-encompassing East Africa adventure safari.

Nearest airport: Seychelles International
Recommended private jet: Gulfstream 650

Magical Fantasy, A Step Into The Unknown…

magical fantasy

If you are looking for an out of this world experience that you are never going to forget, let the sorcery of Based On A True Story's collective imagination lead you into an unknown realm of discovery. Step into the unknown and experience true magical fantasy.

Magical journeys play with your imagination and weave fantasy and reality together. For families, discover and live fantastic storylines that deliver your children into worlds where myth and legend come alive and you are the protagonists in your own tale. Adults will step completely into the unknown, be surprised at every turn, never quite knowing what might come next. Adventures, celebrations, parties, a little of all.

Surprise and wonder drive your curiosity and lead you on as your own magical story unfolds, chapter by chapter.