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Citation Latitude vs Embraer Legacy 450

We compare these two Midsize private jets side-by-side. 

The Citation Latitude has the widest cabin in the Citation line. A huge width of 6'4" coupled with a height of 6' from floor to the peak of the ceiling makes it a true game changer for Citation. This generous cabin space brings with it other passenger benefits, such as a large baggage compartment of 100cu.ft, an expanded refreshment centre, better catering storage and a more spacious washroom.

It can carry 8 passengers, has a class leading range of 2,500 miles and a great short field performance for those popular (and sometimes troublesome!) smaller airports. It climbs to its 43,000ft cruising altitude in just 23 minutes.

In terms of its appearance, the Citation Latitude has curved wingtips and a distinctive oval-shaped fuselage. The windows are 25% larger than the Citation XLS and the Citation Sovereign, which results in a lighter cabin giving the illusion of even more space.  

right sector image
left sector image

Citation have positioned the Latitude between the Citation XLS and Citation Sovereign. It’s main competition from other manufacturers is probably the Embraer Legacy 450.

Comparing them side-by-side, the Embraer Legacy 450 has a slightly longer and wider cabin but the Citation Latitude prevails on range.  

The Embraer Legacy 450 boasts a smoother ride due to its fly-by-wire technology, however in answer to this the Citation Latitude offers its own state-of-the-art technology improvements,  such as a hepafilter to collect dust particles giving the cabin a fresher feel. Both aircraft have the ability to adjust the cabin altitude feeling helping to reduce passenger fatigue.

These two aircraft have carved out an almost mid-size elite category, both pushing the limits of their category. 


Citation Latitude

Cabin length: 21’ 9”

Cabin width: 6’ 5”

Cabin height: 6’

Max seating: 8

Range: 2,500nm

Maximum cruise speed: 442 ktas

Avionics: Garmin G5000

Luggage capacity: 100 cu.ft

Legacy 450

Cabin length: 22’5”

Cabin width: 6’ 10”

Cabin height: 6’

Max seating: 8

Range: 2,300nm

Maximum cruise speed: Mach 0.82

Avionics: Rockwell Collins Fusion – Pro Line Fusion

Luggage capacity: 150 cu.ft 

If you would like to experience the Citation Latitude or Embraer Legacy 450, please contact our Private Jets team, who can assist with all the available options. | +1 888 247 7278

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