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FAQ's Flying By Private Jet For Your Ski Trip

1. Why should I charter a private jet for my ski vacation?

Flying by private jet means you can get closer to your ski resort. As private jets are smaller than commercial aircraft, they are able to negotiate shorter runways so you can access smaller private airports, which tend to be closer to the ski resorts than the larger airports. For example, if you are skiing in Vail you can fly into Eagle airport by private jet conveniently. Aspen and Telluride also have their own dedicated airports near the ski resort.


2. Can I take my ski equipment with me on a private jet? How many skis can fit on a private jet?

Yes. Depending on how much equipment you have, our team of aviation experts will advise on the most suitable aircraft for you. Where some private jets have a particularly spacious cabin for their size, others offer much more generous hold space. Being able to bring your own skiing equipment with you is an important benefit of flying privately – there are no extra charges for over-sized baggage and you know that your skiis are carefully stored with no worries of them getting lost. Take a look at the aircraft guides, for midsize, super-midsize, and large cabin cabin private jets to get a better idea of storage space for your skis, gear, and skiing equipment.


3. What private jet is best for traveling with a lot of ski equipment?

For a family traveling with ski equipment, we'd recommend a midsize jet or super midsize jet. The Embraer Legacy 500 – spacious enough for everyone but with a good enough performance to land on shorter runways. The Citation Sovereign is another great option for generous baggage capacity but without compromising on performance. 



4. Where should I fly to for my ski vacation?

This depends on the time of year and how far you want to travel. We've put a ski destination guide together for some inspiration around some of the best ski resorts. The higher you go, the more likely you are to have good snow, so we recommend higher altitude resorts, particularly at the very beginning and end of the season. Go global with your ski campaign! A large or global cabin jet can get you over to the some of the best skiing destinations around the world – such as our top picks like Gstaad, Courchevel and Vail, or other ski destinations of your choice.


5. When do I need to book my private jet for my ski vacation?

If you have decided on dates and where you want to go, we recommend that you book as soon as possible. The more in advance you book, the more availability and, usually, the lower the price. However, we are also able to respond very quickly to last-minute requests. We have a 24/7 global support team who will be able to deal with your enquiry at any time. Referred to as the most flexible U.S. jet membership by Conklin & de Decker, we also have our JetCard program for more frequent fliers that provides much more flexible terms than ad hoc flying. As part of the JetCard benefits, we can guarantee you an aircraft with only 12 hours' prior notice.


6. What are the benefits of flying by private jet for my ski trip?

The main benefit is time. With a much quicker end-to-end journey than you could ever manage on a scheduled service, you can spend less time travelling and more time on the slopes. Accessing the smaller airports means you can drastically shorten the transfer time to you resort – and if you really need to get there quickly we can arrange a helicopter to be waiting for you to take you straight up the mountains. Furthermore, everything will be taken care for you at the private terminal, which means there will be no queuing, waiting around or wasting time at an airport.

 private jet snow mountains


7. What costs are included in my private jet flight?

There are two ways of chartering a private jet with us. You can either charter ad hoc, where we give you live market pricing, or you can become a JetCard member, where we apply a fixed hourly rate for all your flying and you benefit from more flexible terms. With our JetCard, the hourly rates are inclusive of all additional charges – from airport surcharges to landing fees, de-icing, catering and taxiing. Ad hoc pricing is based on live pricing and continued availability, so the earlier you book the more likely you are to take advantage of better pricing! 


8. Can I take an empty leg for my ski trip?

Empty legs are flights that are due to operate without any passengers as the aircraft repositions back to its based or is going elsewhere to be ready for its next trip. You can save up to 75% on empty leg flights and they are a great option if you're flexible on when you want to travel. You can find our latest empty leg availability here.


9. Can I take my family on a private jet for my ski trip?

Yes – you can generally take up to 16 people on a private jet. And for groups any larger than that we can organize a group charter on a larger commercial aircraft. Larger VIP configured aircraft are becoming more popular for large groups who want the comfort of a private jet.


10. Can I bring my pet on the private jet for my ski trip?

If you cannot part with your four-legged friend for your ski holiday, we can organize for your pets to travel with you - simply let us know when booking your trip. You can find out about traveling by private jet with your pet here. We recommend checking in with your lodging/hotel for additional requirements.

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