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Fly to Ibiza by private jet this summer

Home to some of the best beach parties and nightlife Europe has to offer.

The unrivaled party island is one of the most popular destinations to fly to by private jet. With the short flight time, you can enjoy weekends of partying in the sun. Its also the ideal island to enjoy the best of both worlds – offering untouched scenery in parts of the island and a number of detox retreats, to golden coastlines perfect for a yacht charter, to some of the best and most glamorous nightlife Europe has to offer. 

Nearest airport Ibiza  

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Flight time from Miami 10 hours


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At Your Service

Understanding You  
Our team will go above and beyond to understand you and ensure your preferences and requirements are met – whether that’s a specific aircraft or minimum year of manufacture.

Finding The Right Solution
We don’t just list dozens of aircraft. We take into consideration your requirements and provide the right solutions for each respective trip.

Personal Service  
Our team of dedicated Account Managers are some of the most experienced in the industry, many of which have years of experience delivering reliable and outstanding charters to customers across the globe. 

Going Above & Beyond 

Whether you always enjoy the same dish when you fly or want to try something new from your favorite restaurant, we will source whatever you ask for. 

On-board Experience  
From the smallest detail of making sure your preferred newspaper is waiting for you on-board to decorating the entire interior of the jet, our specialist Account Managers will work with you to create a unique experience.

Ground Transport
We can organize a seamless journey for you with a car to pick you up and take you to the private terminal and one waiting for you at your destination.