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About us

Company History

Even when it’s ‘about us’ it’s really still about you

With Air Partner, it’s all about the service and experience to you, our customers. It’s our dedication to delivery that led to us being the trusted air charter partner time and time again for numerous companies, organisations and individuals.

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A history of innovation

Air Partner started helping people move things way back in 1961. The world (and the aircraft we use) has changed beyond recognition in that time.

But some things have remained the same. Our dedication, our enthusiasm for looking after our customers and our drive to find the best solution to suit their needs. And over the years, those requirements have taken some extremely unusual forms.

We’re pleased to say that in those 5 decades, we’ve gained an enviable reputation with our customers. And those customers have included royalty and rock bands, governments and gas conglomerates, sports stars and astrophysicists and lots more besides.

Our unrivalled experience means we’re ready for anything and that nothing really surprises us.

We’ve won countless awards and have a global reputation for excellence, but more importantly, we have thousands of satisfied customers. But we don’t want to talk about that. We’ve only got where we are today by looking forward.

So how can your next assignment become part of our success story?

Our Team

The people who go the extra 24,902 miles for you

At Air Partner, we employ only the most talented, experienced, determined people.

It’s what’s kept us as the leading private aviation company on the planet, with the world’s most prominent – and demanding – organisations, companies and governments on our (substantial) list of satisfied clients.