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They say money makes the world go round. We're the ones who make money go round the world.

Competitive pricing is – it goes without saying – imperative to business travel.

But so are timing, flexibility and the wherewithal to effectively react to rapidly changing situations. (Not to mention discretion and trustworthiness.)

Some impressive figures to ponder: the Air Partner HQ hosts over 20 private jet specialists and 14 commercial jet brokers. We have a further 19 offices worldwide, and our dedicated Finance account managers are at your call 24/7.

That’s why so many movers and shakers in the financial industry get where they need to be with us
– on time and on budget.



We can ensure you make the most of both.

Your business depends utterly on precision, accuracy and speed. So does ours.

That’s what makes Air Partner the natural logical (and only) choice for numerous financial organisations right around the world.

They rely on our experience and understanding of the time-sensitive aspect and the multi-sector nature of the fast-moving, ever-changing financial industry.

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The bottom line is, can you afford not to have Air Partner working for you?

Test us. Click on the link below and send us an enquiry.

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Aircraft Charter

Need to transport over 20 passengers? Our commercial jet team provide the best aircraft at the most competitive prices.

On-Demand Charter

Take control of your schedule. Fly where and when you want. No queues, no disruptions. Last minute schedule and passenger changes dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Are you a frequent flier? Our most flexible package, which offers 25+ hours of fixed price flying.