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Heads of State

We lead the world at transporting world leaders.

If it’s your job to get a VIP from A to B, the place to start is with Air Partner.

We have decades of experience in organising aircraft charter, diplomatic clearances, dedicated airspace and ramp space, and ground handling coordination with appropriate travel offices, consulate staff and security services.

In short, we know the right things to say to the right people in the right places. The kind of knowledge you can only gain when you’ve been doing it as long and as effectively as we have. 

We are the go-to partner for so many VIP operations because
we treat VIPs the same way as every other passenger we deal with.  With outstanding, personalised service.



And other things we're not allowed to tell you about.

There are some things about our business that we just can’t share with everyone.

What we can say is that numerous global leaders and Heads of State have Air Partner to thank for being where they need to be when they need to be there.

This is all thanks to our unrivalled experience of organising aircraft charter, diplomatic clearances, dedicated airspace and ramp space, and ground handling co-ordination with the appropriate travel office, local consulate staff and secret service organisations. 

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Our dedicated Heads of State team is supported by the full resources of the Air Partner Group, which includes 19 offices worldwide, and an Ops24 team providing support around the clock and around the world.

All Air Partner chartered aircraft, crew, operators and owners are screened to protect the personal safety of those who fly with us. And we apply bespoke security control measures appropriate to each and every task. (The security of our software and databases set the industry standard.)

When your job is to transport people you can’t talk about, we’re the ones to talk to.

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Aircraft charter

For flying supporting teams, use our aircraft charter services alongside the VIP private jets. One call to Air Partner and we'll have everybody moving.

Private jet charter

Our private jet team is ready, with access to all sizes of private jet from very light up to the VIP airliners - perfect for Heads of State and global leaders.


Our services are backed by our CharterPLUS guarantees - if there is a technical issue, we will ensure we have a replacement aircraft ready for you, no fuss, no hassle.