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Experts in private jet charter for the music, film & entertainment industries

When the show simply must go on, rest assured that Air Partner is working hard backstage for you.

We are trusted by many of the big names in music as their preferred private jet charter provider. With over 56 years’ experience in charter, our dedicated Account Managers specialise in charter for the entertainment industry and understand the often complex and challenging demands of charter for music and film. Whether we are working with an intricate multi-trip tour schedule or trusted to get your performers and equipment somewhere quickly, our 24/7 global service means there is always someone on hand – our team are unflappable and dependable.

Our unique CharterPLUS guarantee means that should the unexpected happen, we will guarantee a replacement aircraft and make use of our international network of trusted suppliers to minimise any problems. Along with private jet charter, we can also meet all other private charter requirements – from large group charters to cargo. 

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Music charter

Specialists in complex multi-leg flights, we create bespoke flight itineraries tailored around your schedule. We understand and have experience in meeting the demanding requirements of tour schedules.

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Film Charter

Since our early days, we have been experts in the challenges of charter for the film industry. We understand what is required by film crews, orchestras and rock bands and are adept at managing tight schedules.

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Last minute charter

Fast response team available around the clock and a presence in local markets, providing an international network of trusted suppliers, giving you access to the safest and newest aircraft on the charter market.

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Behind the scenes

See what goes into a private jet charter for a European music tour across 32 cities in 72 days. 

Our Services 

Private Jets 

private jet music

Private jets for up to 19 passengers 

Group Charter 

group charter music

Larger aircraft ideal for press tours, crew travel and supporting flights 


cargo charter music

Whether its staging equipment, rigging, instruments, camera equipment or the performer's wardrobe, we can move anything 

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Aircraft Charter

Press tours, crew travel, musicians all your supporting flights taken care of, efficiently.

Private Jets

Complex riders? Last minute schedule changes? Absolute discretion? All in a day's work for our private jet team.


Staging equipment, rigging and lighting, instruments and camera equipment, or maybe just the performer's elaborate wardrobe. We're ready to get your stuff moving.