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Timing is always important in the air charter business. But when it comes to disaster relief and humanitarian aid, it’s absolutely vital.

Air Partner’s extensive operational planning skills, global network, contingency planning and proven expertise are relied on totally by numerous governments, aid agencies and NGOs who all know they can depend on us to provide fast, flexible deployments with maximum effect and minimum fuss.

Around the world, around the clock, 
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for those who are relied on by others.

Air Partner’s decades of experience and swift response in handling complex global operations makes us the first choice of aircraft charter for governments and aid agencies all over the world.

Organisations including the UN, EU, NATO and leading NGOs such as the Red Cross regularly depend on our extensive operational planning skills, global reach and proven expertise when air charter has to be fast, flexible and unflappable.

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Over the last 20 years Air Partner has assisted in humanitarian disasters in Sudan, Chad, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Angola and Afghanistan, and we are often first on the scene with life-saving assistance and supplies.

Our global 24/7 operations are perfectly placed to arrange overflight permits, landing slots, and assessing airport facilities and infrastructure in the aftermath of the disaster.

Air Partner has the experience, the dedication, the global reach and the financial strength to assist in every mission. 

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In emergency freight situations such as this, time is always of the essence, and often the hardest commodity to come by. This was especially the case flying into Guinea, with the added complication of Ebola. Fortunately, DWC and Air Partner had the right contacts, experience, professionalism and influence to operate quickly and efficiently, even in the face of significant logistical challenges. It was a pleasure to work with Air Partner and support the relief efforts and make a difference to sufferers’ lives.

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We can fly teams of people with aid to remote and difficult to reach destinations.

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We can help with contingency planning to ensure your people are able to get home when needed. 


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