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Oil & Gas

Without all the hot air.

Oil & Gas is an industry like no other. Which makes it all the more pertinent that Air Partner is no ordinary flight service operator.

We understand the logistical intricacies involved in everyday operations are as unique as they are challenging.

We have unparalleled experience of dealing with extreme weather, remote inhospitable locations, political issues, civil unrest, and even war. We know you need cool heads thinking for you. You rely on experienced, agile and reliable partners to get the job done.

In short,
you need Air Partner working for you.


Watch our video to find out more about our global aviation services for the oil & gas industry:

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The gas and oil industries are used to functioning in remote, challenging locations,with precise operating demands and very exacting time considerations.

So is Air Partner.
And we’ve been doing it on behalf of numerous oil and gas companies for over 50 years. We make our customers’ lives easier by offering tried and tested services including point-to-point crew movements, executive travel, urgent, time-critical freight and emergency evacuations.

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We are unique in offering our Emergency Planning Services. This comprehensive service gives you peace of mind in the form of:

  • Priority access to our 24/7 operations team
  • Rapid access to our global network of suppliers
  • Worldwide emergency medical evacuation
  • Security and medical support
  • Tailor-made evacuation training

It’s easy to get our hard-earned expertise working for you. 


At helping you save energy (your own)


For outsize and time critical drill bits and pipes, our experienced frieght team can find the right aircraft for you and your mission.

Aircraft Charter

For all your crew rotations, create the schedule and choose the closest airport, often not serviced by scheduled airlines.