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Light Jets

This category features a wide range of small executive jets seating from six to eight passengers. All these aircraft have well-appointed cabins and are a popular category in the market. Range can vary from 2 to 4.5 hours.

  • Cessna Citation Bravo

    The Bravo has baggage compartments with enough room for golf bags or skis.


  • Cessna Citation CJ2

    The Citation CJ2 offers great comfort and style whilst remaining practical and economical. A popular light jet.


  • Cessna Citation Jet 3

    The Citation Jet 3 is longer than the original Citation Jets giving its passengers increased comfort, room and workspace.


  • Cessna Citation V/Ultra

    A stretched version of the renowned Citation 2, this is a modern and fast light jet, whilst being economically priced.


  • Learjet 40

    Latest technology super-light jet; what it lacks in space it makes up for in style and economy. If a Ferrari impresses you, you will be impressed.


  • Premier 1

    A new business jet with class leading speed and good headroom. It also has a generous baggage capacity for an aircraft of this size.


  • Phenom 300

  • Citation Jet 4

  • Nextant 400 XT/XTI