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City Breaks

Air Partner - 19 Mar 2015

Experience the ease, comfort and luxury of private jet travel for your next city break.

Top European Cities

Looking for the perfect getaway to somewhere special? Perhaps the bright lights of a European city could be something to consider.

We would be delighted to provide you with an exclusive private jet charter flight to the city of your choice.

City breaks by private jet enhance the whole experience, why not consider a few cities in one trip?   




Private Jet prices for 2015



Small-cabin jet (6 seats)

Prices from

Mid-size jet (8 seats)

Prices from

London Madrid £12,400 £15,000
London Paris £7,500 £9,000
London Berlin £10,800 £12,400
London Rome £13,400 £16,000








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Which City should I visit?



A small compact city, bursting with character and history. From the ruins of the coliseum to the incredible intricacies of the fountains, art, architecture and even food. This city will inspire your senses.



The German capital offers a strong presence of past, present and future. Bearing the scars from a memorable history, Berlin thrives off a vibrant culture, late-night parties tailored to a wide audience. Berlin is a fast moving, innovative city which promises a great future.



An iconic city, with world renowned architecture such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Paris is full of chic boutiques, romance and cafe culture.



Madrid has a strong sense of life. The city contains an intense passionate vibe which radiates throughout the city's streets. The spanish capital will have you dancing with some of Europe's friendliest crowds until the early hours of morning. Culture is such an important part of the city which is embraced by the people within.