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Five ways to make the most of your time in the sky

Air Partner - 10 Sep 2018

Over the years, we have seen a substantial increase in corporate clients making the most of their time in the sky. Flying privately allows an event to kick off before passengers have even reached their destination, thanks to having guests together in one place with no external distractions. This means you can maximise the impact of the event and have guests engaged from the start of their journey.

Do you often fly employees overseas for a product launch, meeting or press trip? Here are some top tips on how you can use your time wisely before you even get to your destination.

1. Start your event with private lounge access

Starting an event at the airport can create an extremely memorable experience for passengers leading up to their flight. Having access to a private lounge allows businesses to tailor the event before the group even steps onto the aircraft, immediately immersing and engaging guests with a unique experience. It can also be a great networking opportunity for passengers to meet and talk to fellow guests prior to the event. You could also serve pre-boarding snacks and canapés in the private lounge.

Previously Air Partner have organised the distribution of iPads before boarding, to allow guests to watch company introductions and videos. Another flight involved giving information and media packs to press in the lounge, ready for the launch of a new product. The possibilities are endless.

2. Showcase your brand on board

Once on-board, you could create a fully immersive brand experience for guests - from personalising small details such as the headrest covers to branding the exterior of the aircraft, there’s lots of different ways to promote your brand. Another benefit to chartering aircraft is that it enables businesses to present new products or relay event information on the in-flight entertainment.

Recently, Air Partner passengers on a specially chartered flight from London to Barcelona enjoyed walking onto an entirely branded aircraft, kitted out with bespoke branding on the seats and in-flight entertainment

3. Theme your on-board catering

Chartering a private aircraft enables the bespoke catering options once on-board, this can tie in creativity with specific cuisines relating to the destination of the event. For example, guests can enjoy traditional Spanish tapas and music during their flight, creating a sensory experience in the air.

Air Partner have received some unique requests in the past, for example an incentive trip to Cancun, Mexico. Our client requested that all guests would enjoy Mexican inspired food during the flight, including burritos, nachos and churros. To enhance the Mexican themed cuisine further, the drinks trolley offered fruity margaritas in branded cocktail glasses.

4. Hand out branded gifts for the journey

Have you considered giving guests personalised branded gifts on-board? Flying privately allows companies to go beyond, with branded items placed on seats ready for when passengers board the aircraft. The possibilities of gifting are limitless, and can include anything from amenity kits, water bottles, travel adapters, beach towels to local food and drink.

5.  Choose your aircraft seating

Another benefit of chartering your own aircraft is specifying the seating configuration on the aircraft. This allows you to control where your guests sit throughout the aircraft and gives them a better on-board experience. For example VIPs or Directors can be seated near the front of the aircraft in business class seats if they need a pre/post event briefing. Event managers could also be placed near the front so they’re first off the aircraft to direct guests on their onward journey.

Overall, as well as being able to start your meeting or event before you get to your destination, privately chartering an aircraft has huge time-saving and efficiency benefits, which can appeal to busy companies wanting an effective solution. It gives the flexibility to create a personalised schedule to suit any group size, cutting down transfer times and saving businesses money.  


Air Partner’s dedicated Account Managers offer the expertise of a tailor-made stress free experience, looking after your flight from start to finish. Our 24/7/365 global Customer Flight Support team are always on hand to help no matter which time zone you are in.

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