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Flying for business: Popular aircraft for groups

12 Apr 2019

Whether you’re flying a group of employees for a meeting, conference, incentive or for any other reason, we can assist in providing a bespoke group charter solution to meet your requirements. Group charter offers a whole host of benefits for business travel, including time-saving and the ability to set your own schedule.

When sourcing the most suitable aircraft for your group, our Account Managers are well versed in working within the guidelines of business travel policies and we can ensure all requirements are accommodated, whether this stipulates the age of the aircraft, the place of registry or the minimum number of flying hours for the pilot. We can also organise multiple aircraft charters or integrate scheduled flights if the policy restricts the number of employees flying together on one aircraft.

We can arrange a whole range of aircraft to suit all different sized groups and destinations, however the below are particularly popular with our corporate clients when flying groups for business travel.

Boeing 737-800

These aircraft are a good choice with groups flying for business – they are readily available in Europe, therefore offering good economies of scale for medium sized groups flying on short to mid-haul flights. For companies with travel policies stipulating maximum age of aircraft the 737-800 is often a good choice as there is a good supply in the market of those aged less than 10 years old. The aircraft has a very generous hold capacity, meaning that the aircraft could accommodate to up to 300 medium sized bags, perfect for taking down any conference or meeting materials. With several of these aircraft in Europe being fitted with slimline Recaro seats and the new Boeing Sky Blue interior, it makes for a very comfortable cabin atmosphere.

Seating: Up to 189 passengers

Range: Up to 7 hours


Airbus A320

Another good choice for groups flying for business is the Airbus A320. It offers a light and spacious cabin and is exceptionally quiet. The six-hour range makes it ideal for short and medium haul flights. Typically this aircraft is the direct competitor to the Boeing 737 – 800, but with a slightly lower range and on average 6 – 9 less seats than its US built competitor it may fall short of being the best aircraft solution. Your dedicated account manager will be with you on every step of your booking to guide and advise you on the best solution

Seating: Up to 180 passengers

Range: Up to 6 hours


Boeing 737-300

For slightly smaller groups, the Boeing 737-300 is popular aircraft and similar to the Boeing 737-800, there is a fairly good supply within Europe available to the ad-hoc charter market, however these aircraft can often be slightly older than the A320 or Boeing 737 – 800. The cabin provides comfortable surroundings and there is a generous luggage capacity.

Seating: Up to 148 passengers

Range: Up to 5 hours


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