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Air Partner delivers on time-critical outsize request

Air Partner - 13 Mar 2018

We receive a diverse selection of time-critical requests from the small/medium to the larger and more complex outsized requests.

Over the Christmas period in 2017, we helped a freight forwarder client with a time-critical cargo requirement. The request was looking to lift a number of heavy steel pipes that would be used for submarine gas conductors.

The 19-piece cargo came to a total of over 200 tons with the heaviest piece weighing 10 tonnes. Each piece was 12.5 meters long and 80 centimetres in diameter. The Freight team coordinated with the airline and client on the best possible configuration for the over-size load, and suitable aircraft were quickly sourced well within the given deadline. The decision, based on what was required, was to charter two Antonov. An-124s from Italy to the Middle East, where the site was located. In addition, authorisations were organised for the client to bring trucks directly on to the airport apron in order to offload the pieces directly on to the vehicles from the aircraft. A successful plan that met all our client's requirements – seamless, on time and cost effective.

Transporting time-critical and outsize cargo such as this requires detailed planning and 24/7 contact with the client. Air Partner’s cargo charter expertise across a wide range of industries helps continue to partner closely with the freight forwarders industry.

The time-sensitive heavy cargo transport was seamless and on time. Air Partner has proved again to source a quick and cost-effective solution for the client.

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