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Helping you find the right aircraft for the right event

Air Partner - 09 Oct 2018

If you’re planning a conference or major promotional event, chartering an aircraft gives you the ability to set a destination, a route and a schedule for your guests. At Air Partner, we're here to help you do that - you're in the hands of experts in organising air charter flights for groups of all sizes. Anything from 20 to 20,000 passengers.

In this blog, you'll find a guide to the types of aircraft we recommend and supply for different groups. We have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your guests travel in style and enjoy an experience to remember. And to make sure everything runs exactly how you've planned - and to your budget. 

What's more, with our help, you can brand the event and the aircraft as much as you like - from the lounge to the tailfin to the headrests. More about that further below.



Here’s our list of recommended aircraft for different sized groups:


Best for small groups: The Embraer 135 or Embraer 145

Recommended for - smaller groups of 37 to 50 passengers.

Seating - the 2 + 1 configuration lets all passengers enjoy either a window or an aisle seat - or both.

Range - 2 to 3hours.

Overview - a Brazilian twin-engine regional jet airliner, the Embraer 135 seats up to 37 passengers and the 145 seats up to 50. So they're a comfortable plane for regional hops, and popular for regional conferences and corporate shuttles. Many charter operators choose them for their regional fleet aircraft, and they're readily available in Europe.


Best for medium groups: The Canadair Regional Jet 700

Recommended for - medium-sized groups of 50 to70 passengers.

•  Seating - the 2 + 2 configuration means all passengers get an aisle or a window seat.

•  Range - 3 to 4.5 hours.

•  Overview - made by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier, this aircraft offers good direct-range capabilities for a regional jet aircraft. With modern interiors and a seating arrangement ideal for couples travelling together, this aircraft is popular with corporate clients and automotive groups, especially for incentive trips.


Best for large groups: The Boeing 737-700 / 800

 Recommended for - bigger groups of 148 to 189 passengers.

•  Seating - 3 + 3 formation.

•  Range – 5 to 6 hours.

•  Overview - known as the most successful jet aircraft of all time, in March 2018 the ten thousandth 737 left the American aircraft manufacturer’s factory. Readily available across the globe, it's a popular short-to-medium haul choice for group charters. In modern versions, Boeing’s Sky interior gives a roomy high-ceilinged feel, and the feature lighting matches phases of flight. We charter them regularly for corporate meetings, conferences and incentive trips.


Customising your travel experience

Not only does chartering your own plane give you a much wider choice of destinations, we can streamline all the usual procedures for you - check-in, tarmac transfer and hospitality on the ground. You can also brand the aircraft as much as you want. And our experienced Account Managers and operations team are available round the clock to help you from start to finish.

•  Branding - Inside the aircraft and out, you can fly your corporate or team colours, bold or discreet, however you prefer. You can have your name or logo on the plane or tailfin, and tailor the headrest covers, inflight entertainment units or flight attendant uniforms. Plus, you can provide your guests with a special gift on the aircraft.

•  Destinations - We can take you where the scheduled carriers can't. This means you have more airports to choose from, with access to less congested airports, creating more event opportunities.

•  Catering - Start your event the moment your visitors arrive, with bespoke, branded catering at the gate, or in the airport's private lounge. You can theme the on-board catering too and serve with branded napkins, menu cards and coasters.

•  Finishing touches – You could also create your own bespoke on-board announcements, in-flight entertainment and provide welcome packs, newspapers, magazines and more.

•  Fly to your own schedule – One of the key benefits ofbooking a group charter is that you can fly when you want. You choose the time of day you want to fly your group and our Account Manager will organise the flights to fit in with your event schedule.


For almost 60 years, we've been chartering aircraft for our clients, and working with event planners all over the world, booking group charter. Let us use that experience to make your charter and event the best yet. 


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