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Let’s get this party chartered

Air Partner - 19 Jul 2016

Here at Air Partner we’ve seen a rise in the number of ‘party charters’ over the last few years as people look to kick off their celebrations with a bang. After all, why should the party only start when you have arrived at your destination? For us, travelling is about much more than simply getting from A to B and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to accommodate even the most unusual of requests. On-board disco anyone?


Over the years, we have arranged charters for every type of occasion – and unsurprisingly, many of these are wedding related. Whether it’s a romantic engagement trip, raucous stag party or the wedding itself, Air Partner has is covered. After all, is there a more effective way of making sure all your nearest and dearest make it to the church on time?

It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for milestone birthdays too: apparently turning 50 isn’t quite so bad when drinking champagne on-board a luxury jet with friends and family…or turning any age come to think of it.

Then of course there are those times when it isn’t so much a case of “why” as “why not”? You’ve booked the luxury villa in Ibiza, you’ve packed the perfect wardrobe, so why not fly out to the White Island in style too? You can even practice your dance moves on the way while listening to your favourite tracks. Or perhaps you just need some peace and quiet on the return journey.


We’ve arranged party charters around the world: after all, it’s our job to get you where you want to go. Marrakech, India and Italy are all particularly popular destinations, but the world is your oyster. Whether your dream trip has one stop or ten, Air Partner can make it happen.

Sometimes we are even asked to keep the plane’s destination a secret from the guests. On a recent trip we arranged the guests were told to pack ski wear AND bikinis, just to throw them off the scent and keep them guessing. The only thing more exciting than travelling by private jet is travelling by private jet to a surprise destination!


At Air Partner, we really don’t like saying “no” to our clients: if you want it and there’s a way we can deliver it, it’s yours. We can arrange anything from the little details – like stocking a favourite brand of champagne or playing a special playlist – all the way through to displaying vintage wedding dresses on-board. It’s the little touches that make a trip truly memorable, so many of our clients request extras such as personalised headrest covers, bespoke videos or personalised gifts for all the passengers.

So remember, whether you want disco lights to get everyone in your party on their feet, or Egyptian cotton pillows and blankets to get a really good night’s sleep on your way back from a big weekend, your wish is our command. And with Air Partner, you aren’t limited to just three wishes.