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Why Charter Is So Important For Sports Teams

Air Partner - 19 Apr 2015

In 2014, we chartered aircraft for 132 flights to fly football teams safely to their matches. We predict this figure will grow with Air Partner year on year. As well as reducing travel times, here’s why chartering is so important for Sports teams.

It is fundamental athletes stay mentally and physically fit before the big event. If you want to get the most out of your team, it is essential that variables are controlled to maintain fitness. This also applies to travel prior to an event.

When you charter aircraft, there are no check-in queues, no waiting times and you choose the schedule. When you are managing a team of 20-50 athletes, you cannot have them waiting around as the cost of fatigue may be very damaging to the team’s results.



The cost of delays to a team on game day could be devastating, aircraft charter provides reassurance that teams will arrive on time. If one airport is holding a heavy backlog, we can provide an alternative solution to ensure the plane is waiting at a neighbouring airport.
Every requirement is different, which is why a tailored solution can be necessary. From catering, to the amount of baggage needed, we listen and understand sports charter to the finest detail. It’s the little things that have made us a global leader in aircraft charter.
Dietary requirements are important for sports professionals. You would not see a world-class sports player tucking into the standard plane food before a game. Football players tend to have a high carb diet to ensure they have the energy to keep them operating through-out a game; spaghetti bolognaise is a very popular option for sports teams on their trips around Europe.Players must also be hydrated, so that means no alcohol on board for the players (as you would expect), we ensure there are plenty of bottles of water on board instead for our sports professionals.

If you would like to charter an aircraft for your team, please contact our team on:
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