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The Bombardier Global 7500

Air Partner - 19 Jul 2018

The Air Partner team attended EBACE this year, where the Bombardier exhibited a prototype of the new Global 7500. Showcasing the latest developments in aviation technology and design, it is expected to set a precedent in the market as the largest purpose built business jet.

The overview

Purely by entering the market as the largest purpose built business jet, Bombardier's Global 7500 already has a niche of its own. Setting out to create a new class of business jet, it will be the largest and longest range jet, and is further distinguished within the current category of global cabin jets by offering four distinct living spaces within the cabin. The Global 7500 will be able to reach a range of 7700 nautical miles, or 14-15 flight hours. As an example, this means you could fly from London to Buenos Aires, Singapore or Indonesia.

The exceptional range of this aircraft has been central to its design - the cabin is purposed for long flights, featuring a Crew Suite, a full kitchen with facilities to prepare full meals for up to 19 passengers, and a dedicated space for sleeping. The design anticipates that passengers will be spending a long time on the aircraft and the carefully thought out separate living spaces make an environment comparable to a hotel suite.


Your on-board experience

The main cabin

This is an ideal space for working, relaxing or dining in flight. The two key features that make this cabin stand out is the light and the newly designed Nuage seats. The windows have been designed to be 80% larger than those of the Global 6000, resulting in a cabin filled with natural light. The positioning of the windows have also been thought out carefully, ensuring that no matter where you are sat, you always have a great view and light streaming in. Bombardier claims their newly designed Nuage seats are 'revolutionary architecture' and transforms the comfort and design of business jet seating. The new three features are a tilt system for a deep recline, a tiling headrest for comfort and a unique floating seat base, allowing you to smoothly position and rotate the seat effortlessly. 

bombardier global 7500 interior dining

The lounge

This separate area to relax is what gives the cabin the feeling of a suite. Recline on a divan in front of a large high definition screen, featuring surround sound and full-spectrum lightning. Furthermore, Bombardier's patented nice Touch cabin management system means you can control your environment with a OLED touch dial – the first to be seen in business aviation. 

bombardier global 7500 interior living

The master suite

As this aircraft is expected to often be used for its full mission purpose of 7,700 nm, sleep facilities are essential. This space allows you to sleep on a proper bed, rather than a converted divan, and offers privacy from the rest of the cabin. Another example of thought out design, and similarly to the Global 6000 and Challenger 650, you can access baggage in all phases of flight.


The bathroom

This features all of the expected amenities, as well as a large window well placed to let in natural light. 


Technical Details 

Up to 19 passengers
7700 nm range
14-15 hours
Fly-by-wire technology
0.925 MACH top speed
6ft 2 inches cabin height
54ft 5 in cabin length
8 ft cabin width 


We expect the Global 7500 to be available to charter mid-way through 2019. 

If you would like to enquire about flying on one of Bombardier's popular current models such as the Challenger 350 or Global 6000, get in touch with us using the link below. 

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