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From one runway to another: why flying privately is always in vogue among fashion’s elite

Air Partner - 21 Mar 2017

At Air Partner, we work with clients from all walks of life, but they don’t come any more glamorous than those from the fashion industry. The stylish worlds of private aviation and fashion have always been closely linked - whether it’s helping brands with product launches, global PR campaigns, press tours or photoshoots - and it’s one trend that endures season after season.

We’ve all seen the photos of models travelling to shows aboard their own private plane (Victoria’s Secret anyone?) and is it really any wonder they are travelling this way? In addition to making sound logistical sense, it means the hype starts well ahead of the show, and the photos make for great publicity. It’s very common for the entire plane to be decked out in the livery of the brand in question, ramping up its profile even further: for instance, when Tommy Hilfiger flew the models for his Tommyland show out to L.A. in February, the aircraft was even branded “Air Tommy”. In all the years we have worked with the fashion industry, we’ve certainly fulfilled a lot of these types of requests with details such as branded headrest covers and specially decorated private terminals – Juicy Couture being one particularly memorable example.

Flying models and celebrities to fashion shows, events and photoshoots is certainly a large part of the job, but private aviation plays a far larger role in the industry than this – even if it is not all as outwardly glamorous! As well as getting the models to where they need to be on time, brands and designers also need their collections delivered safely, as well as the extensive equipment required for today’s elaborate shows (Chanel had a giant rocket at its Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear event in Paris earlier this month). And when you consider the price tag of a haute couture dress, is it any surprise designers would rather their clothes are flown privately rather than on commercial services? That definitely isn’t luggage you would like to go missing – drama is meant for the catwalk not the journey.

The world’s top designers themselves are certainly familiar with private jets, particularly during the “Big Four” Fashion Weeks – New York, London, Milan and Paris – which is by far their busiest time of year. Flying privately between these cities affords designers the luxuries of time, flexibility and convenience when they need them most and, let’s be honest, can you really imagine Karl Lagerfeld on board a budget airline service from London to Milan? His famously pampered cat Choupette, who is known to regularly travel by private jet, certainly wouldn’t approve.

At Air Partner, we offer a bespoke service for every in-flight and on-land requirement and with our decades of experience, our fashion clients know they’re in safe hands. Whether it’s a catwalk in the sky or a PR event in a far-flung land, our global team of professionals are on hand 24/7 to make sure that everything runs seamlessly. And with our exclusive CharterPLUS assurance, which guarantees a replacement aircraft in the unlikely event of a technical issue, there is never any worry about making it to the catwalk on time.

As they say, every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway, so make sure to travel in style with Air Partner.


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