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Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division are prepared for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Air Partner - 09 Feb 2018

With the Winter Olympics in South Korea fast approaching, Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division have been working hard to ensure the safety and security of their clients’ personnel within South Korea by providing plans and cover for evacuations by air.

Joe Halanen, who manages Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division states:

‘The Winter Olympics are always a busy time for our corporate clients, those taking guests and staff to the games and clients normally based in the host country. This year, air evacuation planning has been especially important due to the political tensions on the Korean peninsula and we are very proud to have helped 11 clients with their evacuation plans, which cover over 1800 personnel’.



Emergency Planning for the Winter Olympics

The Emergency Planning team have been working with clients across many sectors, including global manufacturers, energy companies, professional and financial services firms as well as two Olympic sponsors, the team have planned for any potential evacuation of staff from South Korea during the tournament.

Major projects in support of Olympic clients have included:


• Identifying Korean infrastructure including airports, highways, railways, and maritime solutions, to use in an evacuation.


• Selecting potential departure points to evacuate clients to international destinations, avoiding potential choke points.


• Identifying safe destinations, considering clients individual needs and possible safe-haven destinations in the region, avoiding possible conflict areas.


• Pinpointing key areas in which clients are based in relation to Olympic event clusters through bespoke contingency planning and working with clients 24/7 in order to monitor current threat levels.


What does the Air Partner Emergency Planning Division do?

Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division provides 24-hour global air evacuation planning and implementation services for any situation that clients deem an emergency, whether that be flying people out of a dangerous situation, transporting support teams to the site of a disaster, or the last-minute movement of critical equipment. It’s important to plan ahead, the team can provide a contingency plan for air evacuations that will dovetail a company’s existing plans or can create stand-alone plans that can be implemented immediately by our response team.

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