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Airfield Wildlife Control Operator - Part Time

We are looking for a part-time Airfield Wildlife Hazard Management Operator to join our Odiham site. If you are flexible, have a driving licence and shooting experience and are not afraid of lone working and shifts, this may be the role for you. if you like aircraft, even better!

This position is to offer cover for holidays and sick leave at Odiham Airfield. Total annual hours will be a minimum 728, but shifts will vary, meaning some weeks there will be no requirement to work, and other weeks there may be a requirement to work a full week (43 hours) or just the odd shift.  You will be paid however for 14 hours per week, irrespective of the hours you work in any week.  If you exceed your annual hours (728) in the year, additional pay will of course be paid on top of the base salary, should you choose to work.  You would normally receive your rota around a month in advance to allow you to plan, but on the odd occasion you might be contacted at short notice to see if you are available to cover an operator who calls in sick on the day of their shift.  It will be then up to you if you are able to cover this or not.  This is however rare.  

Hourly rate is £9.30 per hour. Shifts from Monday to Thursday are split to cover 7am until 2am (either early from 7am until 4.30pm or late from 4.30pm until 2am).  During the summer months shifts can extend run through until 4am. Friday’s are a single shift from 8am until 8pm and there is only occasional need for cover on weekends, so it is for the most part a Monday to Friday role.  

About the role 

Wildlife, particularly birds, pose a high risk to air safety, especially during critical points of flight, take-off and landing. The purpose of the Airfield Wildlife Control Operator (AWCO) is to eliminate the presence of birds and other wildlife on the airfield, reducing the risk to all aircraft. Wildlife is naturally attracted to the airfield due to several factors, the primary being the abundance of food.

Equipped with a 4x4 vehicle, bioacoustics, pyrotechnics and (when all else fails) an air rifle or shotgun, you will deter the wildlife from settling on the airfield and encourage all bird populations to stay well clear. The entire operation is carried out within the strict guidelines of Natural England, the Police and Local Airfield Management.

You will record all movements and activities in a digital watch log, with all lethally controlled animals dispatched under licence as a last resort to preserve the safety of aircraft.

What we are looking for:

To be considered for this position, you must be colour perception safe, hold a valid UK driving licence and be able to apply and maintain security clearance – this involves considerable financial and criminal record vetting. You will also:

- Ideally live within a maximum of a 45 minute drive from Odiham

- Have considerable shooting experience

- Ideally hold a shotgun and/ or firearms certificates or be able to obtain one from your local police authority if successful

- Be happy to work autonomously for long periods of time with nothing but your vehicle and your hand-held radio for company

- Be fine to use technology – a tablet in order to record findings and Wats App to communicate with your team members – or a willingness to learn

- Be fine with working outside in all areas

- be able to think on your feet and cope with pressure as it arises

If you are a keen photographer, this is also an advantage as it could be useful in documentation.

This role would suit someone who is fairly active outside of work, likes their own company, is flexible and supportive with a team ethos and who has recent shooting experience (from game keeping, pest control, clay / pigeon shooting, military service etc.).

VacancyId 3143
Location RAF Odiham
Department AWHMS
Closing date 8/14/2020 12:00:00 AM
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