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We offer seamless cargo charter solutions of any size - anytime, anywhere.

With over 50 years experience in the aviation business, Air Partner understands what is needed to ensure the smooth, hassle-free delivery of your goods on time and on budget, especially when it comes to extra capacity or large freight.

With our global reach, access to hundreds of aircraft in every country, cutting-edge technology and experienced support team, we can accommodate any size of task.

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Heavy & Outsize

We understand that the carriage of your heavy freight and outsized cargo requires specialist expertise and detailed forward planning.


Dangerous Goods

Often the safest and most secure way of shipping dangerous goods is via specialised air cargo charter.


Humanitarian Aid

We are the first choice for numerous governments and aid organizations to arrange charter flights to deliver relief goods and humanitarian aid worldwide.


General Cargo

Small, medium, large, outsize, extra capacity, time-critical. Whatever you need delivered, Air Partner can help you with the minimum fuss and the maximum efficiency.


Oil & Gas cargo

We have been providing tailored oil and gas freight services to some of the biggest names in the oil business since many years.


High Value Cargo

The transportation of high value cargo demands uncompromising standards of security and confidentiality. We ensure the safe, secure & reliable delivery of your cargo.


Animal transportation

We are providing safe and secure cargo flight solutions for all breeds of livestock.


Sport equipment

We have been operating cargo flights for the sport industry for many years, from sports equipment for the Olympic games to racing cars for Formula 1 races.


Music & Orchestra equipment

Air Partner Freight are the experts when it comes to transporting instruments for a concert or an orchestra tour.


Time Critical cargo

We provide secure, time critical, door-to-door delivery of your cargo to destinations worldwide 24/7 - via charter or Onboard courier.


AOG services

Your aircraft is grounded due to an AOG? Our experienced global charter team is available 24/7 and will provide a rapid response.


Onboard Courier

Our OBC service is moving small packages and documents on the next regular scheduled flight.


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Air Partner's RED-TRACK technology is a unique and innovative tracking system for your time-critical cargo. It provides valuable real-time in-transit visibility by updating you and your contacts via SMS, email and/or online-diary.

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