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High Value Cargo

The transportation of high value cargo demands uncompromising standards of security and confidentiality.

Whatever your valuable shipment, Air Partner’s unparalled experience and expertise in the global movement of high value cargo ensures the safe, secure, reliable delivery of your precious consignments.

We will work with you to understand your exact requirements and concerns. Together, we will select the freight charter flights that operate to your precise demands, however challenging they may be.


Printed matter, artwork, election ballots, diplomatic bags, etc.

Our experience:

Air Partner successfully helped to deliver a precious shipment of 445 treasured Romanian artefacts to China for the “Treasures of Romania” exhibition at the National Museum of China in Beijing. The shipment was flown from Bucharest to Beijing aboard a B777 freighter. Due to the nature of the cargo, all flight clearances had to be secured through diplomatic channels.
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Recommended aircraft:

Private Jet, A300F, B737F

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