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Humanitarian Aid

Air cargo charter flights to deliver relief goods and humanitarian aid worldwide.

Air Partner’s unrivalled experience, advanced technical support and vast global reach make us the first choice for numerous governments and aid organizations to arrange air cargo charter flights to deliver relief goods and humanitarian aid worldwide.

We are trusted by the UN, EU, NATO and leading NGOs such as the Red Cross, and in recent years our flights have brought hope and vital assistance to victims of every kind of natural and man-made disaster from the Sudan, Chad, and Pakistan to Indonesia, Ethiopia, Angola and Afghanistan.

Our work in these areas depends entirely on extensive operational planning, 24/7 attention to detail and proven expertise. Qualities that allow us to execute flexible, rapid deployments without delay into difficult and often hostile areas. In fact, we are often first on the scene with life-saving assistance and supplies.

A proud testament to Air Partner’s ability to react quickly, efficiently and effectively when and where it matters most.



Ground equipment, water & food, shelter, medicine, blood conserve, other relief goods

Our experience:

Between 26 October 2014 and 11 November 2015 the Freight team operated 128 flights between the UK and Freetown, Sierra Leone to assist the Ebola crisis relief efforts. More information >>

Recommended aircraft:

IL76, AN12, AN124 could go to remote areas with short runways

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Air Partner's RED-TRACK technology is a unique and innovative tracking system for your time-critical cargo. It provides valuable real-time in-transit visibility by updating you and your contacts via SMS, email and/or online-diary.

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