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Music & Orchestra

We are the experts when it comes to transporting instruments for a concert or an orchestra tour.


Individual instruments can be very high value and an orchestra equipment can be a large volume to move at once and of course need to be handled with care. In some instances, it is critical that the instruments make it to their end destination in order for the show to go on. Air Partner ensures the safe, secure & reliable delivery within a tight deadline of your precious consignments via air freight charter.


Stage equipment, orchestra equipment, etc.

Our experience:

For bands and orchestras Air Partner organizes often a combination of passenger aircraft with a dedicated freighter aircraft. For an orchestra Air Partner arranged an AN12 to take all instruments aboard and a B737 for all musicians both aircraft flew parallel from Hahn to Tallinn.

Recommended aircraft:

ATR72 is perfect for tight tour schedules within Europe, AN12 and B757F offer more space for the equipment of bands

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