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Onboard Courier

Your personal onboard courier service for small cargo

Our Onboard Courier (OBC) service moves small packages and documents on the next scheduled passenger flights. It’s one of the fastest modes of cargo transportation and is also known as hand carry. OBC consignments can be small automotive or spare parts, aerospace parts, documents, jewellery or medical samples.

Our dedicated team work 24/7 to deliver quick, safe and reliable solutions using a wide network of experienced couriers. Our global reach means we can work across multiple countries with varying customs restrictions. You can monitor the movement of any shipment with Air Partner’s RED-TRACK, an exclusive real time tracking system that provides total visibility of a shipment’s journey.


We can find a courier for you anywhere in the world and share a quote within 20 minutes to ensure your urgent delivery will arrive on time.


Our global network of couriers are carefully selected professionals and our service stands for maximum speed with the highest security.


The Air Partner RED-TRACK system provides you with a valuable real-time in-transit visibility by updating you and your contacts via SMS, email and/or online-diary.

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Case Study: AOG parts

Air Partner was requested to urgently deliver a small aircraft part for an AOG from London to Rio de Janeiro. We quickly arranged a local courier company to pick up the part in Derby, UK. After having organized the export clearances for our client our Onboard courier flew same day with the aircraft part from London to Rio to arrive on time. We set this request up in RED-TRACK to notify the client on every single movement from check-in, customs clearance to delivery.

Case Study: Automotive parts

We helped our client, a freight forwarder to avoid a line stop for a luxury auto brand in the UK with the urgent delivery of two automotive pieces. Catching the last flight of the day was a challenge as the shipper was 100 km away from Bangkok airport. Our Onboard courier was able to collect the cargo within two hours, head to the airport, issue export customs clearance and check-in for the departure flight out of Bangkok to ensure a delivery on schedule.

Case Study: Multi-courier flight

We received a request to send a courier from USA to Niger with a set of documents to be sent to a factory. Most suitable routes were through Europe therefore Air Partner checked for a courier based in Europe to take the job over from the US courier due to special VISA requirements for Niger that the courier in Amsterdam could fulfill. We were able to source a courier based in Amsterdam who completed the job to meet the clients’ delivery deadline.


Air Partner's RED-TRACK technology is a unique and innovative tracking system and provides valuable real-time in-transit visibility by updating you and your contacts via SMS, email and/or online-diary.

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  • Expertise - over 55 years’ experience

  • 24/7 service (Quotation within 20 minutes & OBC available 24/7)

  • Global coverage and OBC network

  • Door-to-Door transports

  • RED-TRACK - innovative online contracting and tracking system

  • Highest security as cargo is personally accompanied by courier
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For more info about our OBC service contact one of our dedicated charter experts:

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