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We have been flying groups of any size to global events for over 50 years. With a wide range of first class references from the Automotive Industry, delivering to a high standard on time with cost effective solutions. We are delighted to offer you an excellent service that is reflected in everything we do.

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Whatever your requirement, Air Partner is right with you every step of the way. We always have the complete solution for you.

Automotive case study:

Exclusive flight programme for a car launch

See below a case study of an exclusive flight program for a car launch where Air Partner took into consideration charter flights, scheduled tickets and a combination of both to find the perfect solution:

 Client: Automotive brand

Participants: 1000 dealers and 40 journalists

Routes: From several departure airports in Germany to Olbia (Sardinia) and back

Period: 11 days, 8 return flights

Available flight solutions:

  • Charter flights: (for press): Flying from Munich (main hub), Corporate Jet with 46 Business Class seats, Charter price: EUR 1.400/seat.

  • Charter flights: (for dealers): Flying from Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt; Aircraft types with 144-148 seats, Charter price: EUR 270/seat.

  • Scheduled flights: (for dealers & press): Direct flights to Olbia only available from Dusseldorf, average seat price from Dusseldorf: EUR 320/seat


  • Not enough direct scheduled flights to Olbia available

  • On scheduled service connections via intermediate airport the available capacity was insufficient

  • Available connections on scheduled flights did not fit to the tight time frame of the programme

  • Summary: Considering all circumstances charter flights were the most cost effective and suitable solution

Final flight solutions:

  • For dealers: Charter flights from seven departure airports in Germany with layover of aircraft in Olbia so each dealer could easily reach one of them

  • For press: Full charter for journalists from Munich with VIP aircraft A319 Corporate Jet in all Business Class configuration and scheduled tickets to Munich from several departure airports

  • Cooperation with three different operators to avoid increased costs due to positioning flights

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