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Group charter

How to save time and costs with group charter solutions

Picture the scene – you have found the perfect venue for your event, finalised the dates, sourced the catering and finalised the entertainment. The next thing to resolve is how to get the group to the event in the most time and cost efficient way.

As a global aviation services group, we can assist. We’ve been providing group charter for over 50 years so we understand what’s important when it comes to arranging successful events. With a group charter, you set the schedule and we work out the details. We can even integrate scheduled flights as and when is required – for example if you need to bring guests from multiple locations to one central hub to fly from.  

We are highly qualified in finding the right solution to fit your requirements. Take a look at our recent case studies to show how you can save time and money by booking group charter.

Case study: Group travel for an incentive in Marrakesh

Customer: Event agency for a financial service provider

Flight requirements: 180 guests travelling from Frankfurt to Marrakesh

Period: Friday – Sunday

Comparison: Comparison of group charter and scheduled flights

Scheduled flights: At the time,there wereno non-stop flights on Fridays and Sundays to and from Marrakesh; the guests either would need to fly a few days before or would need to travel on time-consuming and expensive indirect flights.

Charter flights: Direct flight on a Boeing 737-800 (189 seater) from Frankfurt. It allowed our client to set the flight times to tie in with the event schedule. The group could easily travel directly to Frankfurt Airport to Marrakesh in less than four hours.

Solution: The client booked the charter flight as this was the most cost and time effective solution in this case. Travelling by group charter allowed the client to keep the event on the same dates and save travel time by avoiding indirect flights.

Case study: Group travel for incentive in Dubrovnik

Customer: Finance industry company

Flight requirements: 1100 guests, travelling from 12 different airports in Germany to Dubrovnik

Period: Six groups of guests, travelling for two days each in May (total 12 days)

Comparison: Comparison of group charter and scheduled flights

Scheduled flights: Transporting all 1100 guests would not have been possible using scheduled flights due to poor direct connections from many of the departure airports in Germany to Dubrovnik

Charter flights: Direct flights on a Boeing 737-800/Airbus A319 from Munich

Solution: The majority of the group flew on the charter flight from Munich as it was the most cost effective solution. However, for a small amount of guests who were travelling from different airports with good scheduled connections, it was practical for them to fly on scheduled flights.

Case study: Conference in Rostock

Customer: Event agency for an insurance company

Flight requirements: 900 attendees travelling from various locations to the conference centre near Rostock-Laage airport

Period: Tuesday – Saturday

Comparison: Comparison of group charter and scheduled flights

Scheduled flights: There was a small group of 50 guests travelling from Munich and Stuttgart which have good direct flight connections.

Charter flights: The majority of guests were travelling from Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg

Solution: A combination of charter and scheduled flights worked well together to enable the client to transport the clients in the most effective way possible. We operated four charter flights on rotation for the majority of the guests from the four different airports mentioned above. The charter flights to provide the most cost effective solution meant that there were 50 guests who did not fit on the aircraft and the client decided should travel by scheduled flights.

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