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Beat the winter blues with Air Partner's top winter sun destinations

Air Partner - 12 Dec 2018

High-flying sunseekers can make the most of their next holiday with Air Partner’s guide to some of the best winter sun hotspots. High net worth holidaymakers hoping to escape the wintery weather are turning to private jet travel to catch some rays in some of the world’s most exclusive destinations and resorts, according to global aviation specialist Air Partner.

Air Partner has recorded a rise in private jet traffic to top winter sun destinations with an increase in demand for travel to South Africa, Morocco and the Maldives. Air Partner expects them to remain the destinations of choice for relaxing in the sun this coming winter season.

Julia Timms, Air Partner Chief Marketing Officer, said: "Whether it's to escape the colder climates or to enjoy some much-needed rest and recreation, Air Partner offers unrivalled access to some of the most remote sunny destinations across the world.

"With private jet travel and sunny retreats going hand in hand, discerning travellers want quicker, flexible and more convenient flights when booking their holidays, making Air Partner's expertise and tailored in-flight experiences more in demand than ever.

"Instead of having to fit in with the immovable schedules of legacy airlines, sunseekers can enjoy specially-tailored flights and bespoke helicopter transfers which provide easy access to the most spectacular resorts around the world."

For travellers willing to travel further for some Vitamin D, Air Partner offers the same ease and flexibility to a range of holidays from top long haul destinations; from exploring Marrakech's lively markets and experiencing Dubai's dramatic deserts, to dancing on the dreamy beaches of Barbados.

For the epitome of luxurious relaxation, travellers need look no further than the Maldives. With aquamarine waters, over-water villas and sea turtles, the Maldives are the perfect way to forget the winter cold. Air Partner flies from the UK starting at 99,000 GBP for a global cabin.

And for the cream of the crop, travellers can visit Canouan Island, where the super-rich leave their daily troubles behind for the unspoilt Grenadines archipelago. Canouan Island features gorgeous green hills and spellbinding beaches as well as the most luxurious accommodations. Air Partner flies from the UK starting at 95,000 GBP for a global cabin.

Long-haul winter sun destinations Air Partner packages

Barbados From the UK to Bridgetown starting at £85,000 - Global cabin
South Africa From the UK to Cape Town starting at £130,000 - Global cabin
Mexico From the UK to Puerto Vallarta starting at £125,000 - Global cabin
United Arab Emirates From the UK to Dubai starting at £45,000 - Large cabin
Maldives From the UK to Male starting at £99,000 - Global cabin
Morocco From the UK to Marrakech starting at £22,000 - Super Midsize cabin 

Private jet travel proves as beneficial for short-haul destinations with significant time savings through quicker check-ins, security, and access to smaller more convenient airports. Air Partner can offer travellers a relaxing weekend and get them back in the office for Monday. JetCard holders can benefit from sunny city breaks closer to home with many European destinations to choose from including;

Winter sun city escapes Air Partner packages

Madrid From the UK starting at £12,000 - Midsize cabin
Funchal From the UK starting at £24,000 - Super Midsize cabin
Rome From the UK starting at £10,000 - Light cabin
Faro From the UK starting at £14,000 - Midsize cabin
Florence From the UK starting at £9,000 - Light cabin
Malaga From the UK starting at £14,000 - Midsize cabin
Seville From the UK starting at £13,500 - Midsize cabin

With 24/7 global coverage, no hidden fees, flight hours that never expire and fully-refundable account balances, Air Partner's JetCard is the most flexible private jet membership for the fifth consecutive year running in Europe and the USA, according to Conklin & de Decker, the independent aviation consultancy.

The Air Partner JetCard allows clients to choose from a variety of different jet options including very light, light, midsize, super midsize, large and global cabin private jets or even helicopters and turboprops (under separate arrangements).

Air Partner's highly professional global support team, travel experts and unrivalled JetCard programme also offers clients the ultimate in flexible flying. Bespoke trips can be organised within just 24 hours, enabling clients to cut down their travel time and reach their destination quickly and smoothly. 

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