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Wildlife Hazard Management

One of the leading providers of Airport Wildlife Hazard Management services

Introducing Wildlife Hazard Management, an Air Partner plc company...


Today, all airports must comply with ICAO regulations making bird-strike reporting mandatory. Many airports are still struggling with the challenge of wildlife hazard management, resorting to expensive, inappropriate and often ineffective techniques. Our Wildlife Hazard Management division are one of the world's leading airport wildlife hazard management specialists, offering affordable, professional solutions to reduce  wildlife strikes.

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Wildlife Hazard Management

We are recognised as the world's leading airport wildlife management specialist. We offer affordable, professional solutions to reduce bird strikes and damage from foreign object debris.

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Fast Jet Survival Training

We provide Ground School Training At Royal Air Force Valley. This includes all technical training on the Hawk T1 aircraft for both the Royal Air Force and overseas foreign air forces flying the Hawk T1 aircraft.